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Conclusion and recommendations 12 5. 1 Conclusion 12 5. 2 Recommendations 12 References 14 1 . Introduction Today’s risk of surfing the internet has increased as a variety of threats have emerged. However; many people fail to understand the importance of internet security. A number of people do not apply or Just apply the basic of security software until they realism there is a risk. Consequently, their computers are being Infiltrated or Infected. Some people are unaware of personal information being stolen or misused, which can present many security Issues to the user.

As one part of privacy, personal information has to be protected by Internet users due to the many attacks that are Intended to obtain your personal Information for profit. According tosses(2010), internet privacy means the level of privacy and security of private data, personal communications and preferences which are protected by techniques and technologies. Intercultural refers to browser security, data security, Identification authentication and protection of data that covering In Internet, which relies on specified resources and standardization 2010).

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The purpose of this report Is to highlight the risk of Internet privacy being breached by malicious persons. Groups and organizations and how to mitigate and lessen the impact these risks highlighted in this report. This report is divided into four sections. Firstly, the report Nail illustrate how internet has impacted on people’s lives in three dimensions, individuals, organizations and society. The report will then evaluate the trade-offs between privacy and security in terms of the relationship between privacy and security and the importance of them.

In the third section, the report will give a fleeting of my personal experience of ceasing to use any communication devices for half a day. Finally, the report will give a conclusion and some recommendations on the prevention and minimization of internet threats. 2. Appraise the issues raised in the article by Mongol (2013) as they affect individuals, organizations and society Individuals With the advent of the World Wide Web, people’s abilities to engage in mass media communications has increased. Individuals are motivated for a variety of reasons for using mass media; recent studies have examined four categories of Internet usage.

They include interpersonal/communication utility, entertainment utility, information utility, and convenience. Research shows that individuals have their differing needs to utilize the Internet, however behavior and usage patterns appear to change around the individuals personality(Tennyson, 2004,P. 711-26). The Internet has allowed people to shop or browse from home, study and research, search for directions or employment or download their favorite music at anytime and in anywhere as they feel comfortable. The physical exertions of the past are Just a memory of lining up to pay bills or search for employment.

The attractiveness of such convenience has allowed the web to flourish and therefore organizations to have the opportunity more than ever to capitalist on the marketing opportunities presented. Users of free software such as email or search engines are unaware that those providers are monitoring their usage behaviors’. These providers collect information such as time spent on websites and what kind of websites being visited. Collectively this information is being used for any number of reasons, in particular marketing.

For example Google now targets it’s advertising on websites to the particular users’ taste eased on websites accessed. According to Mongol(2013, viol. 56), the tradeoff for using the free services presents marketers with a wealth of information on how they can best direct their advertising efforts. Effectively their “free software” services are in fact controlling what we eventually look at on the Internet. They are reading the consumers mind in order to pursue profit. The situation is worse since the smart phone has become an integral part of our daily lives.

The advent of the smart-phone has allowed the service providers even more opportunity to discover our personal details, I. E. Besides browsed, locations desisted and even photo locations are now monitored. Mongol has argued that smart- phone’s in effect a tracking device with the sole aim to monitor our mobile behavior. Communications both voice and data can be monitored. Updating software presents another challenge as information is downloaded from your smart-phone. The mind is being mined for access to our inner thoughts from a commercial point of view with the sole aim to make a sale.

In relation to the individual user of smart-phone “hole new privacy challenge to the user, which can also be unethical depending on the circumstances. For instance, Larry mentioned a retirement community that provides free computers and free internet service to people in the community. The cost is that all the communications are monitored. This may not on the surface seem bad since these people are relatively uninteresting from the point of view of marketers, but they are using the computers to communicate with their children. So the real privacy violation is occurring indirectly(Deathbeds, 2002, p. 5).

Therefore, it is necessary to let people realism that they are at risk of their personal communications are being mined of their private data on the internet. When people pay more attention to the privacy issues; third parties will take notice and in time it Nail become more difficult for them to access and record personal information and/or the ability to track smart phones. Organizations Governments’, businesses and other types of organizations including not for profit collate personal information. This information is provided by data collection activities of net user’s website access and search engine entries.

Software providers are also collecting location data of users so that they can tailor design marketing to the end user’s location. Governments are also at the forefront of privacy and security issues involving the Internet. Governments over time have been modified the legalization that allows them progressively to gain more information and control over the communications. Governments now have unprecedented access to peoples’ banking, employment and social security data, allowing them to more easily catch those that are trying to cheat the system.

Privacy concerns are raised when the public is not aware of who has access to the data, and if the data is actually secure. Governments are also increasing their security presence online. Conversations, text messages and mails are collected as evidence on those that are deemed to be a risk to society. Genuineness collect similar personal information that is hosted on the sites so that can build a profile on the user to influence the mind of the user on what they buy and “here they buy it. A simple search on a search engine will generate expected results that are based on previous interactions and locations close to the user.

Consumers are being asked to provide email details when they shop or log into websites, this identifies a consumers consumption behaviors and allows the organization to create ‘alee where previously it may not have existed. Security and privacy concerns are raised when the data collated by commercial organizations is either hacked or lost. User details including credit files are easy to misuse when sensitive data isn’t properly secured and destroys the confidence of online shoppers. Organizations need to inform the online user that their data is being recorded and what kind of data and how it’s being used.

The downloading of applications on Semaphore’s or the use of free email services is Just another way of collecting data. The online user most likely hasn’t given permission; making this a breach of privacy by resulting riffling it has created. As the individual in this contemporary setting is powerless to bring about any major change in data collection by commercial organizations it will be up to the various governments to restore confidence that their details are safe on the internet. Society becoming more common as banking, shopping and other e-commerce activities are expanding.

In addition, public Wi-If represents another upcoming risk. People connect with the free public Wi-If through their smart phones, tablets, and notebooks. Most devices remember the password and connect automatically once the first connection has been made. This may allow certain users to breach the security of devices that are sharing information on a public network. Individuals and organizations can therefore breach devices that aren’t secured and steal sensitive information without the owner actually noticing any violation.

Such security breaches can result in a theft of identity details, banking details or any other personal information. The rapid growth of e-commerce has allowed fraudsters to keep ahead of virus software, policing in online crime and government’s ability to legislate for such activities. The number of victims of Internet fraud is increasing. According to an online visitation survey by the National White Collar Crime Center in 2003(Dolan, 2004, p. L), eBay is the most utilized internet auction house which resulted in small or substantial losses.

Another research shows that resulting in $4. 3 million or $636 per person in 2001 (Dolan, 2004, p. 2). Internet social facilities present another challenge in fraud being committed from dating websites to Backbone profiles being utilized to create new identities. Both have monetary cost as well as an emotional cost to those that fall victim to such malicious activities. 3. Trade-off between privacy and security . 1 What is privacy? Privacy can be divided into information privacy, bodily privacy, privacy of communications and territorial privacy.

Information privacy encapsulates personal information data, such as credit information, medical and government records. Bodily privacy concerns the procedures like genetic tests and drug tests that are being used on a person’s body. Privacy of communications defines the way in which people communicate, such as e-mail, telephone, MANS, can be a threat that disclosure of users’ personal information. Territorial information is concerned by the government hat setting some rules to prevent others steal country and citizens’ information. The dimensions of privacy varies from psychological, sociological, economical political.

Psychologically means concerns that people need privacy space; sociologically means people need to be free to act, to think, to contact with others; economically means people need to decide how to use their money;politically means people need to be free to behave and to innovate. In terms of privacy of internet, information privacy, privacy of communication can be involved in psychological, sociological and economical dimensions(Australian Law Reform Commission). . 2 What is security? Security can be defined into various definitions depends on what aspects are being discussed.

In terms of internet security, it means computers implement some processes that can avoid them being infiltrated by viruses, mallard, hackers, etc to Change, destroy the files or computer programs. The aim of security is to insure the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of your network and data. In order to exist. The threats including viruses, Edward, hacker attacks, data destruction and theft and identify theft but are not only exclusive to these examples. The internet is en of the most common mediums in which these threats are transported.

An effective network security should be able to detect a range of threats and stop them entering and damage computer programs and files. If a computer’s security system fails to stop threats from interfering with software and files, it could lead to downtime, lost data and other inconveniences. Therefore, security is vital to every user so that one may feel confident they are safe whilst using the internet. 3. 3 The relationship between privacy and security rhea relationship between privacy and security is that the level of privacy is dependent on the level of security.

Namely security determines how much privacy can be expected(Perrine,2010). Computers and internet play a vital role in the 21st century. People use computers to accomplish their researching tasks, online banking activities, internet shopping, socializing and storing personal information. If a computer’s security fails to fulfill its Job, it will incur many problems, such as privacy problems. As internet privacy is integral with security, the former is fulfilled by the latter. Hence, the fundamental management to protect privacy is to ensure the security of computers, especially when users are surfing the internet.

An excellent virus and software security system reinforced with well-designed policies can not only reduce the risk of losing personal information but also gain some security benefits. Although with the help of security, personal data cannot be stolen as easy as before, at least it takes hackers some time to decode, many people insist in believing that they do not need internet security because they have nothing to hide. However, the necessity of guarding against any internet threat is obvious.

People cannot avoid sharing their identity detail like full name, website user account and sword, email, bank accounts etc, with the world. The consequence of ignoring the importance of internet privacy and security is the user’s personal information being misused for purposes that maybe ultimately detrimental to that user. Privacy and security also contribute to profit or loss of online businesses. Due to website privacy concerns, 27% of customers have foregone a internet trade after they have decided to buy something online. (Deathbeds, 2002, p. 5).

There are five main methods of internet visitation, bid shilling, bid shielding, non-delivery of merchandise, non- delivery of payment and product authenticity. Both internet buyers and sellers have experienced these fraudulence. (Dolan, 2004, p. 4) In order to eliminate the worries some customers may have, the e-commerce security environment needs to be Improved to restore the confidence of consumers. Only after the security of e- commerce websites has been improved can the consumer have full confidence that their trade and the dealer are both reputable and that their details are safe. 3. The important of privacy and security source: WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS 2012 Users and Population Stats, viewed 25 April 2013, <http:// NNW. Internationalist’s. Mom/stats. HTML; , World Internet publicized/explore? Ads=d5bncppJof8f9_;met_Ft_net_user_up;dim=country:USA;del=en& The above graph’s show that the number of people using the internet is increasing globally. This reflects that people that can share information all around the world at anytime in any given location are increasing. Without doubt, it increases the personal information security task.

When people are using the internet, they are most likely unawares that their usage is being monitored, I. E. Which website they are browsing, what they are buying, or who they are chatting with. Ensuring internet safety can prevent those who do not have authorization to access personal information, or manipulate it. Another way to emphasis the importance of internet safety is to describe the threats that people maybe meet when they are surfing internet. The main threats including unauthorized access and hacking, identity theft, pushing and spamming that may endanger users’ personal information(Manors, 2007).

Unauthorized Access or hacking This kind of attack is the most common of the threats while people are using the internet. The aim of unauthorized access is to get personal resources including swords, bank details or other sensitive information, which are not available to others except people who should get it. Hacking means hackers can use their technology knowledge to hack your computer to acquire personal information Introit notifying the owners of the information. Normally, attackers obtain password by using social engineering which means using social skills to trick people to reveal their valuable information.

Identity theft, Pushing and Spamming Identity theft is one of fraud’s that steal others identity to access to personal data, or Obtain personal credit and other benefits with someone else’s ID. Pushing refers to the issue of identity theft that gaining personal information, such as financial information or personal contact detail, by sending fraudulent email or messages for some illegal purposes. Spamming is related to unsolicited email flooding people’s inbox with a lot advertising mail either genuine or malicious. Spammed can also sell your email address, phone number or other valuable information to others for profit. 3. How does internet security work to protect personal information? With the development of the internet, the problem of disclosure of personal information comes increasingly serious. According to Roll Applier (Communications of the ACM, 1997), there are only two classes of security methods for protecting the disclosure of personal information. The first one is ‘Access control services which protect computing and net working resources from unauthorized use’. The second one is ‘communication security services’, which ‘provide authentication, data confidentiality and integrity, as well as non-repudiation services to communicating peers. Revive both of these two methods. Recently, a network can be connected not only by its users but also the outside world. In this dangerous situation, a protective intermediate system should be established to build a security wall to prevent the disclosure of personal information or attacks. Such an intermediate system is called firewall. A firewall is used to ‘prevent unwanted and unauthorized communication into or out of the network, and to allow an organization to enforce a network security policy on traffic flowing between its network and the internet’, said by Applier (Communications of the ACM, 1997).

Secondly, a verification code, which is used to classify in the access control services, is Indeed used to prevent the disclosure of personal information. In many situations, such as changing the password, processing the network trade and even adding a friend from Backbone, a verification code will be sent to users’ phones or emails in order to confirm whether it is a process initiated by the user. Though this process, in some situations, although the firewall has failed to work, personal information can still be protected. Nowadays, it is more common that viruses invade and damage computers when people are accessing the internet.

It requires some additional software to assist to maintain the safety of Network security. Additional software consists of many different components to promote them in working together to resist a variety of threats. Some important components will be introduced as followed. 4. The reflection on my personal experience of not using technology for half day Nowadays, high technology is everywhere in people’s daily lives. It is an interesting experience to cease using any communication technology for half a day to see what Impact technology has on my daily routine.

During the mid-term holiday, I chose half day on a weekend to stop using any technologies. Every day I spend a lot of time with my high-tech devices at the weekend. I deliberately chose a half a weekend day to experience what impact this will have and how my life. If a weekday was chosen, the difference between with technologies and without technologies might not be to obvious as I am in the library and am preoccupied with my studies, and I also do most of my socializing with friends on the weekends. The most common high-tech products are smart phones, laptops and tablets.

I found that the most difficult technology to live without is the smart phone. When I was 12 years old, I got my first mobile phone. I have lived with mobile phone for more than 10 years. Feeling that mobile phone has been developed a lot. The first mobile phone of mine had a black and white screen with limited functions. I only used it to send messages and make phone calls. After 10 years, the mobile phone has more functions than ever before. I can not only send messages or make phone calls, but can also surf the internet, Match movies, take photos and many other amazing functions.

Even when I lose my Nay, GAPS can guide me to my destination. I have to admit that life becomes easier Nas inconvenient if I live without any technologies. Comparing to the days which I an send message or make a phone call with anyone, even with my parents who live in China. I felt lost when I had no contact with people when I was alone. It was like living in a isolated world. I did not know what was happening around me. I could imagine how difficult it was when people contacted to each other by letters or carrier pigeon. Whereas, the advantage of life without a smart phone was that I could concentrate on studying.

The smart phone could successfully divert my attention every time when I was doing my assignment. Consequently, it also enhanced the effectiveness. Personally, I am a big fan of online shopping. I take many benefits Inch are provided by online shopping and internet safety. Internet shopping provides much more choices than physical stores. I can compare not only prices but also quantities without walking around shopping mall, which saves time and makes shopping a little easier. However, there are some drawbacks of online shopping.

I need to be careful with identity theft and internet fraud. If I do not use any security tools, as a result it may cause financial loss. In China, I need to install website security software before I log in. I also need to use message plus USB password to achieve every online transaction. When I finish picking items and try to pay for them, I receive a message with trader password from online banking. The transaction cannot complete unless I put in both trader password and USB password. The USB is a special one with a screen which changes the password every minute.

Due to those security tools, I have a clean online shopping environment which I do not need to forego my transaction because of worrying about internet safety. Except online shopping security, like most of the internet users, I apply firewall and anti-virus software to ensure internet privacy. Updating security software has a significant pact on internet privacy. Every time when a threat is detected, my computer will tell me and ask me to delete them. If I intend on opening up a unsafe website, anti- virus will tell me the potential risk of the website.

I can enjoy a safe and comfortable experience whilst surfing the internet with the help of these security tools. 5. Conclusion and recommendations 5. 1 Conclusion In the information age, it is prudent to be aware of the safety of personal information Inch can be used for business value. As Mongol has mentioned that people’s personal information can be used to persuade them to make a purchase decision by immemorial organizations, can be used to control them, by governments for locating support and managing population purposes; and can also be used to complete online business fraud.

The vital step of increasing privacy is to arouse people’s understanding of the importance of personal information. One point that needs to be emphasizes is that personal information may not only impact on yourself, but also {Our family and friends. In addition, ensuring the security also contributes to protecting personal information. Nowadays’, as the increasing awareness of protecting personal information, there are more security software and hardware than ever before. As long as people protect their personal information with enough security measures, other persons and/or organizations cannot easily acquire them.

Better protection can be applied only after an understanding of what the internet threats are. When internet users know what those threats are, they can take preventative action to mitigate against these risks. How to arouse the understanding of internet privacy and security of internet users? It is insufficient that internet users only work on themselves, Government’s, related departments and internet users should work together for a safer and more secure internet environment.

For governments, they need to enhance the education of internet privacy and security by broadcasting internet privacy and security advertisements, distributing booklets etc. “hat’s more, government’s also need to establish new policies or modify existing policies to manage the security of the internet. For related departments, they need to monitor and maintain the security of the internet by probing for loopholes and fixing them as a matter of urgency. For individuals, they need to be cautious about the risk of their personal information being stolen by installing security software and updating them constantly.

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