Globalization tidal wave of Hong Kong Assignment

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The world today is moving at a faster and faster pace. Globalization are better than before and are still being developed with a rapid pace. Are globalization advantageous to Hong Kong? Different economists and social scientists will have different answers. Those who support this view hold the opinion that globalization are conducive to create opportunities for development to Beijing. Those who oppose this opinion, on the other hand, argue that social problems cropped up in the wake of globalization.

Personally, I believe that globalization is helpful to Hong Kong and I will reason and roved concrete evidence to support my viewpoint as follows. One of the points I would Like to make is that globalization has bred commercial progress and economic growth. Every barber knows that Hong Kong Is a famous free port In the East Salsa and even in the world. Hong Gong’s prosperity relies heavily on global trade and it trade exchanges to establish a bridge of friendship commerce. New business center are formed as the globalization of production.

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A new enterprise would mean regular monthly salaries as well as protection against natural disasters and unemployment. I believe that unemployment is socially divisive. But globalization can solve this difficult situation first. For example, regular salaries would allow females the confidence to make investment In their futures. The locals would be able to plan their finances accurately and free themselves from debt. This in turn would encourage entrepreneurship and further develop the local economy. Other people could begin to open shops, restaurants, dormitories, and entertainment facilities to serve the staff with their savings.

That is why Hong Kong is a shopping paradises, dietary world, leisure summer resort, and culture window. Not only that, It Is clear that globalization administer to elevate people’s living standard. As Is known to all, Hong Kong Is a scarcity of natural resources of city, the land as limited. An increased flow of goods has benefited the entire Hong Kong and avoid crisis in food. Among various factors that contribute to today’s living standard of people-??improvement of food conditions. Food conditions are better than before and are still being developed with a globalizes pace. For instance, foods are more various.

People today drink untainted mineral water, sterilized skim milk and eating high-quality garden stuff which Is y simply taking a cheap choose every day. According to the latest Pew Global Attitudes survey of 47 nations, large majorities believe that international trade is benefiting their countries (p. 177, Para. 4). So many people hold the same view in the world. For the most part, the multinational corporations that dominate global commerce receive favorable ratings (p. 177, Para. 4). And lastly, the most important reason is that globalization also shapes our understanding of what is important and what is not to know.

The important issues are being discussed over and over or in the ginning of some interactions. The not important information are the ones that are not being told at all. When regional natural disasters occur, such as earthquake, tidal wave, and typhoon and so on, international cooperation not unusual helpful to prepared against them. In conclusion, there are three main reasons why globalization is helpful to Hong Kong. First of all, globalization is changing Hong Kong original economy of scale, it results in more perfect. Secondly, globalization is lead to more choice for consumer and more lower prices for products.

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