Information Technology Ethics Chapter Privacy Assignment

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Data Quality Personal data should be accurate, complete, current and relevant to the purpose for which it is used. Purpose Specification The purpose for which personal data is collected should be should be specified and should not be changed. Use Limitation Personal data should not be used beyond the specified purpose without a persons consent or by authority of law. Security Safeguards Personal data should be protected against unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. Openness principle Data policies should exist and a “data controller” should be identified.

Individual participation People should have the right to review their data, to challenge its correctness, and to have incorrect data changed. Accountability A “data controller” should be responsible for ensuring that the above principles are met. Children’s online protect Act – The law states that a website that caters to children must offer comprehensive privacy policies, notify their parents or guardians about its data collection practices, and receive parental consent before collecting any personal information from hillier under 13 years of age.

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European Company Directives 95/46/CE (1998) – requires any company that does business within the borders of 15 Western European nations to implement a set of privacy directives on fair and appropriate use of information. Summary of the European Data Privacy Principle Notice Tell all customer what is done with their information. Choice Give customer a way to opt out of marketing. Onward Transfer Ensure that suppliers comply with the privacy policy. Access Give customer access to their information. Security Protect customer International Trot unauthorized access. Data Integrity

Ensure that information are accurate and relevant. Enforcement Independently enforce the privacy policy. Better Business Bureau Online (EBB Online) and Trustee – independent, nonprofit initiatives that favor an industry-regulated approach to data privacy which concerned about the government regulation that could have a negative impact on the Internet’s use and growth, and that such regulation would be costly to implement and difficult to change. The EBB Online Seal adheres that the website has a high level of data privacy. The seal program identifies online businesses that honor their own stated privacy policy.

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