Business Ethics Assignment

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By observing the related-employees and finding related-documents as much as possible to serve as facts helping support the report. With the aid of evidence, it is important to choose the appropriate errors to report, whom the position should higher than the suspected employee then he can carry out actions with certain authority to deal with such unethical issues. For example, my supervisor, my higher manager, my local human resources or division ethical officers. For particular situations, I will call the ethics hotlist that posted on all Bulletin Boards anonymously. Maybe due to the situation that the unethical behaviors relate to the benefit of the company then reporting would not be encouraged.

However, reporting is necessary to protect my company since the reputation will be harmed if the behavior discovered afterwards. LLC) According to the prevention of bribery’ ordinance, employee shall solicit or accept any advantage without the permission of his principal when conducting his principals affairs or business; the offer of the advantage is also guilty of an offence. The advantage refers to money, food, beverages, and moderately priced meals or tickets of events as well as other accessories. However, the followed guidelines set on purpose since it is considered that Chinese New Year is a traditional festival in Hong Kong and respect the culture of giving ‘Alai See’.

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To the guidelines, employee cannot actively ask for ‘Alai See’ from customers, vendors suppliers to avoid the conflict of interest, and employees should try to refuse accepting the ‘Alai See’ as possible. Themes, report to the supervisor is necessary after receiving the ‘Alai See’. What’s more, to accept bribery, there is no return by any benefit with the authority of employees to offer. There is a time period for the guidelines, which are only two weeks from the start of the holiday. Employees accept the ‘Alai See’ in others day will regard as bribery. Also, if the amount of ‘Alai See’ is Geiger than $HCI 00, employee should report and hand on to company then distribute such amount to all employees fairly. A) The thinking process bellowed is to help me achieve better improvement to BBC company by changing: -What to change: the sufficient information that is not relating to the original intention of the survey -What to change into: lawful and fair collection of adequate data -How to cause the change: Stop collecting data and appropriate interview question should be made to gather the information related to the original intention the company need. Also, a intelligent information system should be made with my l. T techniques that can effectively store the necessary the date collected in different categories. – Why to change: Avoid involving in illegal issue because Of violating the personal data (privacy) ordinance under the protection of The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (APPC).

With the aid of such planning, will make a detailed proposal to my supervisor. Most importantly, the harmful consequences should be mentioned to imply how the importance of taking action to change, like BBC company is taking the risk which may accused of privacy violation of personal data. To the changes in he proposal are conform to the Data Protection Principle of the Personal Data Ordinance. To making question in the interview, lawful and fair collection of adequate information should be collected directly related to the current project, and the purpose of data collected should be informed to the clients. Moreover, security of system should be improved by the l.

T department to protect those information against unauthorized or accidental access, processing or erasure and data should be deleted when the data are used as well as the community project is finished. Also, giving the data to third party should under the prior consent of clients. By suggesting the above-mentioned actions, it is concern the final benefit of BBC company and maintain the ethical behavior of career profession in workplace. B) The potential implication would be harmful to different parties including clients and BBC company. Disturbance aroused will affect the clients by third party taking the information; no matter it is a charity fund raising campaign.

Many calls to clients to ask for fund raising will disturb their own private lives and much privacy as well as information loss will be created if those information is giving to fourth party by the charity, thus more disturbance resulted. Furthermore, the reputation of BBC company would be adversely harmed if it accused of privacy violation of clients by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (APPC). Public may report the APPC to investigate if too much disturbance mentioned arouse. Involving to unlawful- related issue, there no advantage to BBC company anyway. Since it is unethical by violating the principle of informed consent to clients, which means the information was giving without the permission or agreement of clients. Worse still, the community project as Hong Kong Government Agency may loss due to the private violation issue.

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