Popcorn Hangover Assignment

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Popcorn hangover Is defined as the exhaustion you receive from watching too many shows are movies In a single day or time frame. Popcorn hangover results In Irritation of the eyes from watching the TV long periods of time. Today’s society has put the problems of the world on to much TV time for the kids and not enough play time outside. I would in most cases agree with this but after reading the assignment really is it a problem. How many kids stay out of trouble just because there in front

TV all the time. Today we have a group of children that learn in many different ways; some must see, some must do and some Just need to hear to learn. Today’s movies we can all agree can teach us different things, some good some bad. We can learn a lot about different cultures by watching TV and movies. The popcorn hangover helps you balance out TV time and forces you to allow physical time away from the TV. I personally have experienced Popcorn hangover many times.

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The last time I had this experience was recently I decided to watch a weekend marathon of walking dead. I started on Friday night around pm and finished up Sunday night at pm. All three days my eyes burnt and were blood shot red and felt extremely exhausted. The following Monday I had to take a personal day due to me feeling so sleepy the next morning, the lack of sleep made me feel nauseated and sick . Over the years I have done many marathons and movies and even though I know how I feel with the Popcorn hangover I continue to do it again and again.

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