Basic Acting Assignment

Basic Acting Assignment Words: 285

The little girl at buds At buffalo wild wings, I observed this little girls with her family. She had to be like 9 months old. She would crawl around the whole floor and occasionally try to pull herself up using her legs and her arms on one of the nearest seats. Once she got herself up she would immediately try to take that first step without getting balanced. When she did this she will take like a couple steps and then fall.

Whenever she felt if balanced though she would try to grab the closest thing near her whether that was a chair, a seat, or somebody else. Again and again she would do the same thing, crawling around and then trying to pull herself up. Sometimes were better than other. Sometimes when she did get It down when she was about to fall she would fall forward to try to catch herself with her hands. Sometimes she would fall on her butt. The girl was breathing hard Like she Just put a ton of work In.

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She would try to move aster than her legs would let her that’s why she would fall. I would say her center was little under her waistline Just by the way she walk and because she would only move her legs. Another thing I noticed about her was she didn’t know what was going on around her. She was just moving and unaware what was going on. She would just keep smiling no matter if she fell or not. Either way she would get back up and keep going. Doing this assignment was weird but also fun in a way.

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