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My Objective would to obtain a position with an NAB team where I could utilize my knowledge, skills and experience to apply the appropriate Sports Medicine whether dealing with injury, rehabilitation or training. I know there will be times when I become overwhelmed, things in life change or even I may lose interest. However, these problems should have solutions. My motivation will be the goal I set. Sometimes, answers do not come easy but given time, I am sure with the support of Emily, friends and God, I will find a way.

The work experience is important and I will be doing a great deal of it. I believe my personal merits have helped me grow and mature. Since playing football, I have learned to interaction more openly with others. I have always kept to myself, to school and home. I guess I was a homebody and still am in some ways. Still, I learned so much Just from being out in the world, socially. I wasn’t the star football player but I was a part of a team. I learned to care for my body with exercise and eating the right foods.

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Within the team and other sports, I formed friendships, some good and other I didn’t care. Even at Church’s Chicken, I gained knowledge. I surprised myself when I set up my first checking account with Wells Fargo. As a high school student, you never think about stuff like that, my focus was homework and grades. The responsibility and commitment that came with working and being on a team showed me a different part of myself. Although, quitting both the football team and Church’s Chicken to focus on my grades resulted n another surprise.

I had difficulty in a couples classes, one was math. I had to get a tutor, but studying at home was still hard, but I had more time to get it right and I wasn’t so tried. I keep working on it and asking questions when with my tutor. The grades improved because I had the time to study with a clear mind. I was even more motivated when my GAP started to improve. It related to personal merit because of my self-discovery. You never know your limitations until you give all you have to the task.

In September 2014, I will enroll in a four year program at FAMILY and work toward a Bachelor Degree in Health Science. I want to be a Physical Therapist so my course of study will be directed to it. As I prepare for the next four year, there will be so many things learn and understand about my new surroundings. But drives me, will be the short-term goals I set for myself. It will be one class at a time, one assignment at a time, and one test at a time, over the next four years. Once Vive achieved my degree, I will start the drive again.

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