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The Northeastern University grading Rubric, is pretty much straight forward, cut and dry or whatever else the word is for that is it take it or leave it. Agree with it, and am telling you this because I had to sit out for at least 180 days at Northeastern due to one of the systems at Northeastern University. “It is what it is”, is a saying here in Montgomery, Alabama for things that we simply put can’t change. If you read the assignment and give the required materials that are being asked of you, then you should be fine. I truly believe that

Northeastern is here to only help us not fail us, but that’s up to us to give what is asked of us for the course. 80 – 89 is a grade of B, and 90- DID is a grade of A. You may be wondering why I started with B, when there are other grades lower than that. Well it is like this at Northeastern PH. D program, you must have a grade off B or above in order to get credit for that course. PAP format is the required writing format for Northeastern University. It is vital that we follow this format, for it is up to the school faculty to allow work done any other way. So it is best to learn the PAP format.

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Late assignments will rower your grade every day up to the 7th day. After the 7th day, your assignment will not count and you will receive a O for a grade, unless you have an understanding with your instructor for a later turn in date. Focus, Development and Organization are the key factors of writing according to the Academic Success Center at Northeastern university, and it is defined as such: (Northeastern University, 2014) Focus Establishing the writer’s intent to inform, persuade, argue or describe Maintaining this intent throughout the text Establishing a thesis that provides A specific, focused response to the topic

A brief but clear preview of all main points in the text Development Crafting paragraphs that contain main idea, evidence, and analysis Establishing a balance between the writer’s analysis and the evidence presented Organization Developing a clear line of reasoning for the text at large that Supports the thesis Emphasizes the writer’s intent (Ionic’s, ASS Writing Process) INC_J has an Academic Integrity Policy, which is built on; trust, honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility. This is here to protect your work and the work of others.

This is my suggestion on integrity even if you have past work or get help from there that have been through the course. Do it over or at least change your paper to be your very own. This will save you a lot of headache and trouble. Yes it looks like it will take more time at first, but believe me that time is nothing compared to 180 days. So, be unique and the instructors will help you get your points across to others, just be you and no one else, no matter how it may look. “Just Do It”, (Nikkei).

Now let’s talk about something that stops a lot of students from moving on into their doctorate degrees, the big dissertation. Yes, I have talked to so many college students about getting a Geiger education after their BAA degree and pretty much the same discussion kept coming up about the dissertation. Well, here at NICE the faculty must have heard the same discussion that I have heard, for they put an amazing help center in place for people just like me. Willing and able to face the big D, but it will not help anyone if we don’t use it.

Rather you study for your DAB, which is the study of the practical side, or study for your PhD, which is the scholar or theory side of the degree. We will still be faced with the passing of our dissertation. The first thing had to do is look up the world, so can stop roaring about the dog-gone thing.

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