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After going from class to class students are overloaded by work, and may even get stressed out. All that’s needed is a little break during the day, to keep boredom levels at its minimum and have students performing better in classroom. What’s the point in teachers teaching if students are not going to pay attention? Its better to have students performing at their best, and on top of that teachers will benefit more, and would be happier knowing they taught students valuable things, instead of gassing their voice and having to resort to force to keep hold of their attention..

It is obvious that free periods would make school a much better place to learn. How many times have students come to class with incomplete and even undone assignments? Only to have to think up and excuse, make up the homework the next day and lose a few points. With a spare period, they wouldn’t have this problem. There are many students who don’t have time to get all homework done, even though they tried to make time at home. Getting emperor done is essential for all classes, a basic review and understanding of topic is reflected in the homework.

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Coming to class with completed assignments, students will have a more optimistic side in the classroom and come willing to learn. Free periods would not only be good for students, but for teachers as well. They would have more time to grade papers, check homework and even double check the lesson plans for the day. Some teachers aren’t willing to teach, knowing they have a lot of tests to grade and other work to be employed. Some even resort to take put their anger on certain students.

Having some spare time to get it done would definitely lift the weight off their shoulders. With all this said, you may still have your doubts. For example, you might say a free period might give students a better reason to cut? Maybe even a better opportunity to pull a stunt? The majority of people come to school to learn, and this free period will just give them time to check over homework, and be less stressed out for later classes.

Besides, with students cutting staff and teachers can easily point out the students who actually come to school to graduate with honors, and those who really don’t care. In conclusion, when given a free period, students can utilize the time to their advantage, and get the most out of their education. Benefits include a less stressful day, more time to complete assignments, and teachers more willing to pass on knowledge to students. Lets make sure students get the best out of their school education.

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