Topic-Daily Homework Assignment

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They blame their lack of sleep and focus in class on homework, yet it was they themselves who mindlessly stared blankly at their imputer screen until midnight; until they finally realized that they had to complete their homework. Furthermore, homework prepares students for a bright future. If they can’t keep up with assignments now, how can they be expected to stay organized in college and in the vast business world? One may argue that students absorb enough information during class. Although this argument holds valid, only prestigious students are able to do so.

Homework can rescue those who are desperately trailing behind in school. If we don’t help them now, they will eventually fall like birds without wings. To begin with, doing homework teachers students the vital quality of responsibility, a trait vital for success in life. One may argue that homework is repetitive and strenuous. However, repetition makes students remember material. Reviewed the material so many times, that it is imprinted in their minds like a tattoo. Homework creates better memorization also. In the future, bosses and managers won’t treat their employees like babies anymore.

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They’ll distribute assignments, which is just like homework. Excuses and whining will no longer be tolerated. Hence, students should learn now, in order to prepare for a sunlit future, before its too late. Furthermore, many students and teachers claim that enough information is taught during class periods. While it is true that information is taught, is it really “enough’? Kids who are intelligent and quick may think so, but their classmates disagree. There’s simply not enough time in class for review and reinforcement. Teachers are busy and cannot aid every individual.

On the other hand, they can distribute homework. Homework acts as a comforting pillow to catch students whom are falling. In class, some students squint in puzzlement when the material written on the board is a jungle of bizarre symbols. Yet their minds can be relieved, knowing that they’ll be able to review at home. Moreover, several students are dazing off and unfocused in class. Immediately, they hastily point fingers at homework. When further interrogated, they frankly point out that they had aftershock activities, such as sports and clubs.

Although it is true that many students have time-costing aftershock activities, the ability to spend precious time wisely is another key kill in life. Kids must learn to move more quickly and more orderly, in order to conserve time. Even if a student has an extracurricular activity, if he/she really cared about school and success, his/her mind would be on completing homework. Although procrastinating is extremely tempting, children have to learn to focus. In addition, homework is an easy grade. You can use sources such as textbooks/notes and you’re in the comfort of your own home, unlike tests. All you have to do is complete it.

If students take time to complete emperor, it truly is an effortless high grade towards their averages. In conclusion, homework is a crucial part of students’ education. There is not enough time during class to review everything for everyone who needs help. Also, homework strengthens traits, such as responsibility, to prepare kids for their future. Furthermore, homework is an easy grade, unless students procrastinate. As you can see, homework proves to be helpful in many various ways, so why take away an advantage? Students deserve to have a more wholesome education and homework will guarantee that.

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