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Castle’s point of view has been affirmed by several studies. And what is more, these studies have established harmful effects of intrusive parenting on not only students, but also the parents themselves, higher education and the job market. Not only students’ intellectual and emotional freedom are at stake, but also their well-being and academic and professional skills. Research from the University of Mary Washington warns that an inappropriate level of parental control results in negative outcomes for students.

They are more likely to have a depression or decreased satisfaction with life. The findings also suggested children of over-controlling parents feel less competent and less able to manage life and its stress. 2 Children of “helicopter” parents have never had the chance to make their own decisions, take risks and learn from mistakes, consequently they lack ability to problem-solve and fend for themselves. All of the above are skills students need in higher education, their further career and in fact for the rest of their ivies. Parents should also stop hovering over their children because of their own well-being. A study by the Society of Research in Child Development has shown “helicopter” parents report similar problems as their children. “It’s not just children feeling anxious effects,” states George Mason University provost Peter Stearns, “parental anxiety has increased over the past 20 years due to over-involvement. ” “Helicopter” parents reported more mental health problems such as sadness, negative self-image and diminished contentment tit life in general. Finally, Mom and Dad also challenge higher education and the job market. They interfere with one of the goals of higher education, which is to help young adults develop the ability to think for themselves. Research by Brigham Young University links students with “helicopter” parents to skipping class, turning in late assignments and less school engagement. 5 As a consequence, their parents are not deterred to telephone the institution and demand an explanation for these phenomena.

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Also the job racket notices the conspicuous presence of “helicopter’ parents. When navigating the job market, parents have tried influencing salary and hiring decisions, calling recruiters and employers and/or show up at their child’s job fair. 6 All in all, the ever-present “helicopter” parents should take a step back, give themselves a break, allowing their children to be comfortable in their own skin and develop skills they need to be successful in their careers, in their lives, skills which higher education and the job market require.

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