Personal Responsibility Assignment

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Adults are faced with many obstacles throughout their lives. One of them is the fact that there are far less authority figures, such as parents, that enforce you to do things that you do not want or feel the need to do. Your actions and daily routine are solely dependent on one’s free will. Keeping track of your daily routine is a great way to monitor what tasks are wasting time away so that a person can better manage their activity throughout the day (Pagan 1994). Personal responsibility is important when accomplishing goals.

The majority of able- indeed adults have goals that they wish to fulfill whether they are small, large, short- term or long-term. Any goal that a person makes can only be achieved by carrying out specific tasks. If a person does not have enough will power and self discipline to perform these tasks, their goal may not become attainable or will take much longer than they originally anticipated. College success and personal responsibility go hand in hand. In high school, most of our parents were constantly on our cases to make sure that our behavior in school was acceptable and our schoolwork was completed sufficiently.

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Hanging (1991) confirms this by stating, I learned that it’s all part of a continuum-high school practices affect college performance, and college performance molds Job opportunities. In college, we do not have as much influence from our parent’s as we may have had from them in high school. This is where personal responsibility comes into play. When a person possesses personal responsibility, it provides a basis for that person to be successful in their endeavors. In my opinion, college success requires discipline and personal responsibility means having self discipline.

College success requires a person to manage their time wisely, turn in assignments on time and make it to their respective courses on time as well. Many college students Juggle work, children and a social life on top of their class work. With that said, personal responsibility is an absolute must for college success. On my Journey, I plan to implement a few personal responsibility measures to achieve college success. I will first brainstorm on the different options that are available to me throughout the week with all of the other responsibilities that I have to deal with in my life.

I will then write down a schedule to follow each week so that I will have a constant reminder of what I should be doing at the appropriate times of the day. Next, I will display the schedule in an area that will make it easy for me to access and I will have to look at it every day. I will then practice following this schedule. The final step to accomplish this goal is to become familiar with my weekly schedule so that it will become second nature. In conclusion, the principle of personal responsibility should be taught to a child as hey grow and progress in life.

This will allow for a stable foundation as a child matures into an adult. Every adult should understand the importance of practicing personal responsibility. Personal responsibility helps to keep a person on task and it also helps them to progress towards any goals that they may have. A person can become sidetracked while attempting to achieve a college degree very easily, especially when self discipline is involved. Providing a plan that is tailored to your needs will make the Journey easier to follow.

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