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There are different aspects involved in personal responsibility. These aspects need to work in harmony in order to have a successful outcome in achieving your goals. They include being accountable, setting priorities and being in control of your domestic obligations. Applying personal responsibility is a vital component of educational success and with that success, a chance for personal growth and increased economic stability occurs. Personal responsibility correlates with college success as it connects to every aspect of life, academic or otherwise.

When a student is personally responsible, they demonstrate the ability to manage their time, and to e accountable to their professors, their peers, and most importantly, to themselves. Accountability As humans, we are accountable for all our actions. In terms of college success, being an honest student and having integrity support this. It is a student’s moral obligation to uphold to your professors and your peers. The college campus and classroom, as well as all other academic areas, are communities where students not only learn independently and from an instructor, but from each other.

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In this way, as members of this community, we share with one another. The idea of accountability does not stop at our peers and professors. As students, we make ourselves accountable and responsible for being the best possible version of ourselves. In his commencement speech at Morehouse College, President Obama stated that, “the spirit of excellence, hard work, and dedication and no excuses,” (Obama, 2013) are requirements for success. This quote perfectly summarizes one of the major tenets of my definition of personal responsibility: living up to the best version of yourself.

Proportioning As a student, you have a personal responsibility to complete your assignments, papers and exams. In order to be successful with this, you need to be able to strike a throng balance with how you manage your study time. Everyone has different learning styles, and it would be beneficial to explore your strengths and weaknesses and seek help when needed, e. G. , by Joining study groups or academic workshops to prepare for upcoming exams. Being disciplined, diligent and honest with your approach to your education is your formula for academic success.

Being accountable means that you will have to prioritize certain activities over others. Proportioning means deciding which tasks deserve and require most of your energy and attention at a given moment. To master this skill would be a great advantage to anyone, as it aids in time management and helps you achieve your long-term goals. Even the most organized people sometimes risk running out of time before their most important tasks has been completed. In his guide to becoming a successful student, physics Professor Richard Silverman at Western Kennedy University states, “[successful students] are good time managers.

They know that time control is life control and have consciously chosen to be in control of their life. ” (Silverman, n. D. Peg. L) According to Proportioning Techniques Save Your Time and Energy (2007), who gives helpful advice on proportioning with the 80/20- rule. It states, “One key reason proportioning works and works well is the 80/20 rule. The States 80 percent of our typical activities contribute less than 20 percent to the value of our work. Therefore, if you do only the most important 20 percent of your tasks you still get most of the value.

Then, if you focus most of your efforts on those top value activities, you achieve much more than before, or you will have more time to spend with your family. ” This quote illustrates how proportioning and accountability go hand and hand. Because of organizing time according to the order of importance, your family and friends will now that you prioritize your schoolwork above everything else; they will trust you and know that you are a responsible individual. Control and Management of domestic obligations: Paying bills on time and managing your finances is equally as important as managing time.

Running a home is a lot like running a business, as the same principles apply. With everything in life, you still need personal gratification and enjoyment in doing it. Many college students of today go to school while taking care of a family. Both of these things might seem like it is impossible to do, but proper management might ease stress, and allow you more time to yourself. This in turn will make you feel accomplished and motivate you to continue to balance out the two areas of your life.

In the article Paying for College: A Lifetime Proposition they wrote, “College is, in fact, a long-term investment returning financial and personal benefits that extend over a lifetime, but our society is ill-prepared, either psychologically or institutionally, to think of paying for college in lifetime terms ” (McPherson & Skinner, 1986,Para. 29-36). It suggests that the realization and understanding that applying arsenal responsibility to protect the investment you make with your education is vital.

One way to prepare is to research all resources available whether it is scholarships, federal and state grants or student loans. However, if you intend to apply for a student loan, let it be the last option you choose because after completing your education, you will still have that financial burden and debt to repay. Despite how expensive it can be to pay for school, the results can be very rewarding. The knowledge and experience you receive will be priceless. Coming up with ways to implement these tactics is easier said than done, but here are many resources open to all kinds of students today.

If you are having trouble with a class, it will be advisable to ask your instructor for additional help during office hours, or ask fellow classmates to arrange a study group. If it is available to you, tutoring assistance could also be a huge help. Avoiding procrastination is a goal for most students, but many fail to fall into its traps. One solution would be to, disable all electronic devices that can potentially distract you from your work, or you can download an extension that can temporarily limit your access to non-academic websites.

In conclusion, although the balance between personal responsibility and educational success is established, taking personal responsibility can have a positive impact on college success for two main reasons. Demonstrating personal responsibility will have positive outcomes on how you manage your time as a student. Because you know that as a student you are accountable to your school community, you will take your work more seriously. By learning how to balance your schoolwork crosses over to the other areas of your life, and teaches you how to be expansible in terms of those areas as well.

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