Personal Responsibilty Assignment

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Everyone needs to be willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions and held accountable them. First, if a student wants to be successful in college, by him showing up to class on time every week, and paying close attention to the lectures is the first step to gain success. If he sits towards the front of the class, and sit up straight. These are some of the best ways to stay alert and follow along with the instructor, receive the information they are giving. Second, reading the course syllabus and the weekly assignments is another great way to obtain the information you will be learning.

If you are a student that is easily distracted, then finding a quiet place to read is a good way to retain the information your learning. The student might need to be well rested before picking up their textbook. Oftentimes, students may fall asleep once they start reading. If they have difficulty retaining information, they may want to read aloud, reread the statement, or imagine themselves in the situation. It is a good way to understand what it is they are reading. Finally, good time management and discipline is essential to being a successful college student.

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For some students, having a to-do list, calendar, or planner. Sitting down with an agenda will considerably decrease study time. It gives the student a visual on what needs to be completed and manages time better. You can focus on what you are going to get accomplish instead of thinking about the other ten assignments that must be completed. In conclusion, it is the student’s personal responsibility to attend class, pay attention, and study. These are some of the key fundamentals of becoming a successful student. These few basic fundamentals will help an individual learn from kindergarten through well beyond college.

Preparing yourself to receive information will almost always be one of the many keys in becoming a successful college student. References http://www. Goodness. Com/quotes/tag/personal-responsibility This is a hanging indent. To keep the hanging indent format, triple click your mouse on this line of text and replace the information with your reference entry. You can use the Reference and Citation Examples (Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>Reference and Citation Examples) to help format your source information into a reference entry. The reference page always begins on the top of the next page after the conclusion.

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