Personal Responsibility Assignment

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What comes to mind when you hear the words Personal Responsibility? Most people would say, doing homework, walking the dog, doing the laundry or even washing the car. Although theses answers are commonly used by our peers, most people would approach this differently. As a human being is a part of our life to have personal responsibility and each person has their own definition of what is most important when it comes to personal responsibility. To me personal responsibility meaner providing support for my family and staying focused in achieving my academic goals.

Providing support for my family is a very important responsibility I can have, maintaining a healthy relationship and a positive role model for my child. Personal responsibility toward academic goals is a vital part in achieving my future goal. It helps me move forward with my education and holds me accountable of my actions. When my wife and I decided to get married on June 06, 2011, that day marked the start of a new chapter of our lives, and with that along come new responsibility; responsibility, such as upholding a healthy relationship.

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This meaner you have to be opportune and learn how to compromise with your partner. A relationship is not always perfect and sometimes you and your partner will have disagreement on curtain situations. “Try to solve conflicts in a fair and rational way’, (Love is respect, 2013). It’s your responsibility to keep things fair and equal in a relationship, to insure that both sides have a chance to express its thoughts or feeling. Good communication between you and your partner can serve as one of the most important assets in maintaining a positive relationship.

According to (Camera, 2010), Effective communication, particularly being able to ask clarifying questions and listening well to others, can greatly help you in understanding what the feelings and thoughts of others are”. Although the responsibility for maintaining good communication is shared between two partners, I believe that this is one of my personal responsibilities. My personal responsibility not only focuses on my relationship with my spouse but also with my child. As a parent, I am responsible for setting important foundations and to be a vital instrument in my child’s development takes and throughout his life. Toddlers who hear praise directed at their efforts, such as “you worked hard on that” are more likely to prefer challenging versus easy tasks and to believe that intelligence and personality can improve with effort than do youngsters who simply hear praise directed at them personally’, (Gunderson, 2013). I have to be a positive role model in order to educate my child from right and wrong. Foundation for the child gives me a sense of assurance that I have completed my responsibility as a parent.

Personal responsibility toward academic performance and success is Just as important as responsibility toward my family. I have to balance my time and effort between family and academic; this is because in order to provide a good life for my family I have to be able to get a high paying Job. This can only be achieved by having a high degree of education and the drive to be successful. Personal responsibility plays a vital part in my academic success. Managing my homework time is very important, especially when I have a family.

It’s my responsibility to finish all my eating assignments for all my classes and have adequate time to review the materials. It’s also my responsibility to set aside valuable time for myself to study for any upcoming exam or test. Can I do this by proportioning what needs to be done first, due dates and time needed to complete the task? Staying focused toward my education is a very important part of my education. It’s my responsibility to stay focused and concentrate on the end result. I will do this by making sure I have enough sleep and sufficient rest before any exam and class time.

I plan to manage my time between my family and school. In turn, this will enable me to finish my assignment on time and get all my reading material done. Setting long- term and short-term goals well keep me in track. It also provides me a sense of direction of what I’m striving for and allows me to stay focus. Staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, it well allows me to be confident and optimistic toward my academic course. It’s my responsibility to ensure that I go to the gym daily and eat healthy meal on time.

In conclusion, personal responsibility to me is about my duties award my family and a crucial part of my academic success. It helps me to maintain a good relationship with my spouse, and a positive role model for my child. It also gives me better understanding of what is expected of me toward my education as well as my life. This is a tool I can use in striving to achieve my academic goals, as well as my personal responsibility. Everybody has their own definition of what personal responsibility meaner to them, but it’s safe to say that whatever the reason is, that reason plays a significant role in their life.

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