Personal Narrative Assignment

Personal Narrative Assignment Words: 447

For this assignment, I’d like for you to show how a change of mind or heart, a discovery, the confirmation or contradiction of a belief, a disappointment, or a decision made a major impact on your life. This narrative should have a clear BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END. The beginning is owe life was before this event that you’re writing about. In other words, you were Just cruising along quite content with life when BAM! Something happened. The middle is essentially how you dealt with that change.

At the end of the narrative the event that you’re narrating should have HOW your life different now that you’ve been through this experience? Please bear in mind that your audience is not only your instructor, but all of your peers as well. Therefore, please only write about an event that you feel comfortable sharing with those of us that you’re going to spend the rest of the semester with.

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Requirements: 1- 3 pages in length. ML format. 1″ margins on top, bottom, left, and right; left Justified. Header should be h” from the top right margin and include last name and page number. The entire document should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font. RUBRIC: ML Format (7 points): Margins 1″ all around: yes (+1) Times New Roman Font: Yes (+1) 12 Point Font: Header: Last name and page number formatted properly: (+1) Not the proper format: (O) Header not on the first page: (+1)

Header appears on first page: (O) Spacing: Double Spacing: (+1) Essay not double spaced: (O) There is no extra space between paragraphs (aka O opt): (+1) There is extra space between paragraphs (usually 10 opt): (O) Grammar and Spelling (30 points): 0-5 Mistakes: no penalty 6- 20 mistakes: 1 points per mistake after the fifth one. 21-30 mistakes: 20 point penalty 31-40 mistakes: 30 point penalty 41 + mistakes: automatic F (60) Quality of the Narrative Itself (63 Points): Is the subject matter appropriate? Yes = I’ll grade the essay. No = F Is the narrative something that others would want to know about you?

Do you engage the reader in a way in which they can empathic with you? Is your story believable? Do you stay focused? Or does your narrative wander? Does the chronology of the story make sense? What lesson did you learn from your experience? Life can throw you some terrible lemons but I am determined to make lemonade out of every one of them. Eight years ago during Hurricane Strain, my cousins and other family members moved to Atlanta. The move was to escape the terrible storm. This was a period when my cousin (Lance) and I had the opportunity to live in the same household.

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