How to Be a Perfect Student Assignment

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Buy all the necessary supplies for your class. * Basic supplies include: pencils (wooden or mechanical), binders, lined paper, notebooks, composition books, pens and highlighters. * You may also want sticky notes, thumb drives, dividers, rulers/protractors/compasses etc. For more specialized classes. * Buy and keep your school uniforms neat and orderly for when you need to look presentable to show the school spirit. * Buy a sturdy backpack (I. Carrier, Sloganeer or Bearings). 2 Get ready for school in the morning. * Get dressed. Try to always look neat and presentable, and remember to put your best face forward and make a good impression. * Make sure that all of your school supplies and assignments are packed up the night before. Don’t forget your homework! * Pack a good lunch. Include a main dish (leftovers, a sandwich, a salad) and fruits and vegetable, a drink, and maybe crackers or chips. 3 Be proactive in class.

Sit at the front of the classroom. This shows your teacher that you are ready to learn and also helps you get in the right mindset for learning. * Take extensive notes. You can use any style (outline, Cornell), Just make sure it works for you and for the class. * Make sure that your homework and assignments are handed in on time. (Put all of your assignments in a plastic sleeve as teachers like that. ) 4 Have a good attitude. * Be polite to students, teachers and administrators.

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Acknowledge that the goal of school is to learn, not to socialize. 5 Use the resources around you such as the computer labs, labs, and library if available. * Make sure to check with your teachers before using resources, and make sure to check the computers and lab before use for any broken items or attachments. 6 Always attend school regularly. Also, try to be involved in activities such as sports, clubs, rallies, and fundraisers. * Make sure that if you miss school you get a friend’s notes so that you stay up to date.

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