Personal Code of Ethics Assignment

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Respect Respect is a behavior to “admire someone because of his or her knowledge, skill, personal qualities” or “to be careful not to do anything against someone’s wishes, right” (Longman Dictionary of American English, p. 776). Respecting other people is an ethical behavior that is good not only in academic environment but also in personal life. People have their own background, beliefs, opinions, characteristics, and points of view. I think that when people respect each other, they will resolve their conflicts or disagreements quickly and peacefully.

I understand that by treating my classmates, professors, faculty, and staffs respectfully, I contribute to building a better academic environment at University of Phoenix. I will maintain discussions with my professors in a proper manner if we have misunderstanding or disagreement. I will keep listening to their feedbacks and follow their instructions. To my classmates and my working teams, I will listen to their opinions and appreciate their contributions to our projects or assignments.

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I will also cooperate with my team members to solve our problems or conflicts that might be present during the course of our projects. I believe that, by respecting my classmates and my professor, I will also get their respect and trust. Responsibility Responsibility is “a duty to be in charge of or take care of something” (Longman Dictionary of American English, p. 776). As a student at University of Phoenix, my responsibility includes complying with the rules and regulations of my class and school; following instructions of my professors; and collaborating with my classmates to complete our assignments.

I understand that I am responsible for contributing to our class discussions, asking for clarification if I don’t understand problems, and submitting my assignments on time. In the team I must complete my part of the team assignments and work with my team for the success of the group. I need to collaborate with team members, respect their idea, and make discussion in doing project. I also need to share my knowledge and help my classmates when needed.

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