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Before can jump into executing this plan it is important to note what type of influences or temptations there may be. Concerning influences I have to examine both internal and external sources. Internally my attitude, personal commitments, and conduct play a part in the decisions that I make. Whether or not am happy, sad, depressed, or angry could very well determine that the same situation results being handled in a variety of ways. The next is personal commitments. I make commitments to myself, my family, friends, company, teammates, and university.

Throughout all these commitments I have goals and deadlines that I want to achieve. Believe when people are committed to wanting a certain outcome there is a possibility that they will try to take short cuts to arrive at where they want to be. These short cuts could end up being something unethical and Mongo. However because you have that strive to achieve, your judgment is at times thrown out the window. The final major internal struggle is conduct. Look at conduct as directly correlated to my reputation or in other words how I am perceived in the eyes of others.

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From arsenal experiences I can honestly say that I have either considered or acted in situations that are dangerous and unethical just because wanted to impress others around me. Externally the struggles I will be faced with are distractions. Distractions will present themselves in a variety of ways: friends, work, television, video games, and sports. I know that there are only so many hours in a day and there are over a thousand activities that those hours could be used for. I know deep down that I am a person who can be easily influenced by people and things around me.

Also I do not like to make others upset or create conflict. Since I can remember making friends always have tried to formulate my actions around what was going to make those around me happy and keep them happy. When I know the type Of influences that am going to come in contact with both internally and externally I can turn attention to methods and resources I will use to create my statement. During this second week in class I was introduced to a few different ways that someone looks at what is ethically important to them. My plan is to use what I learned from primarily three of those ways.

The first method we looked at was an approach using the Kohlrabies Development Stages. In class, this theory was established with an article from Julienne Brown. In the article Brown explains that she has both a professional code and personal code of ethics and even states that both codes “do not differ; rather, the ethics of my workplace and my personal ethics support each other”(Brown, 2007). The Kohlrabies theory focuses on moral judgment, meaning “how a person decides which values to act on and whose claims to respect in a situation of moral conflict”.

Reamer, 1977) I believed this theory would come in handy because of the type of person I am. Again as mentioned above I act in a way to avoid conflict and keep everyone happy. In this program it will be important that I can look beyond this because there is always going to be one or two parties that I upset or frustrate. However, In this situation I must always remember to do what I think is in my best interest. An example that I can give would include my friends and my learning team. The scenario would be that there is a new movie that is playing that my friends want to see on a

Saturday night, but there is also an assignment that my learning team is expecting me to complete according to our group assignment. In this example, know that if I stay and complete the assignment that my friends might at first be frustrated but if were to go to the movie and disregard the assignment my learning team would be upset and end up possibly suffering or pulling my weight due to my actions. I look at this response being based upon what believe should be my personal conduct and commitments.

Also what I feel would be in my best interest is to complete the assignment cause there is more riding on successfully completing this program as opposed to being entertained by a new movie. The second method I will look at when creating this statement is that of the organ sectional value statement. The example that was introduced to us in class was the Credo of the Johnson & Johnson Company. Their Credo broke down how the company plans to act for all parties involved: doctors, consumers, employees, stakeholders, et cetera. Just as the Chief Executive Officer is responsible of a company I am in the same way the CEO of my life.

I have to be willing to understand my sections and the consequences both positive and negative that will result from those decisions. The final resource I will use in my statement is that of The University of Phoenix “Student Code of Academic Integrity”. This code is in place to explain and highlight the type of violations that are considered “forms of academic dishonesty’ (University of Phoenix, 2010) toward the university. This code includes plagiarism, double dipping, fabrication, unauthorized assistance, copyright infringement, misrepresentation, and collusion (University of Phoenix, 2010).

Before a student can begin classes it is understood and acknowledged that all “students accept a responsibility to abide by this Student Code of Academic Integrity'(university of Phoenix, 2010). So I have explained the resources will use to create what I think will keep me moving in the right direction throughout the completion of my program, so here is my Personal Statement of Ethics. While at the University of Phoenix as I pursue my Master’s Degree, I will promise to act in accordance to the university’s Student Code of Academic Integrity.

I will strive to respect al members including faculty, learning team members, and myself. This goal of respect means I will take into consideration the feelings, deadlines, and overall commitments given to me and given to others. It is understood that I will always pull my weight and not make it the responsibility of others to do my work. Also I will use my time effectively so that can complete assignments on time and not burden myself with the stresses created by procrastination. Will always act in what I believe to be in my best interest and ethically of this program.

All outside distractions other than serious family, ark, and personal issue will plan to play a second priority throughout the duration of this program. Finally, I will create a weekly plan to highlight all assignments and their due dates. I feel that by exercising these statements I will be able to complete successfully the Masters of Information Systems program without putting added stresses on myself and the others around me. This plan is my roadman toward graduation. As it is noted I will be tested by both internal and external obstacles throughout this program.

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