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PEN PICTURES 1 A smart, well turned out, soft spoken officer____________ exhibits an exemplary demeanour and conduct in any group or situation. He is mature, decisive and accomplishes desired results without supervision. The officer is persevering and shows exceptional resourcefulness in tackling unforeseen events effectively. Is absolutely honest and utterly loyal to the organisation. Has well developed and ripened mental faculties and provides whole hearted co-operation for his colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

The officer is articulate, intelligent, well read, professionally sound, practical and possesses a clear comprehension of tactical concepts and administration. 2 An extremely methodical hardworking and competent officer who possesses loads of confidence and a well developed personality. His knowledge of all arms and services is commendable and general awareness is excellent. He has excellent knowledge of his command and possesses excellent management and communication skills. A socially well adjusted couple. I would love to have this officer with me in war. 3 ____________is an extremely intelligent officer with charming manner.

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He is forceful and pushing, conscientious and hardworking honest and upright, and works almost with a missionary zeal. He is technically inquisitive, administratively competent socially amicable and above all a thorough gentleman. He is very logical in his approach, and always suggests sound practical solutions to various problems. The officer has always displayed a keen sense of responsibility, unflinching, self motivated dynamism, creatively in his thinking, conceptual ability, and high degree of emotional stability. He is upright, confident, cheerful has the ability to influence others.

His professional knowledge and its practical application is good. 4 ———- is a tall and smartly turned out officer who exhibits a praiseworthy demeanor and conducts himself with dignity. He is professionally sound, nature and well informed. A well motivated upright and contentions officer who keeps service interest uppermost at all times. He works with ingluvity, thoroughness, zeal and accuracy and produces a high quality of work. He is very hard working and displays a high sense of responsibility, loyalty and honesty. The officer possesses an analytical approach to issues with a research bent of mind and has a flair for writing.

He has authored a few publications on management, human rights and education and through his over private study acquired a number of Master degrees and is presently working on his Ph. D. on human rights. His verbal and written expression is of high order the officer readily accepts additional responsibilities and has done excellent work as research Assistant at CDM. A team man who is an asset to my organisation. Although an LMC officer, the officer has performed his duties exceptionally and creditably with sufficient zeal, enthusiasm and keenness 5 An officer with impeccable professional competence who is superlatively diligent and dynamic.

He has sober disposition land a quiet efficiency about him. He is extremely responsive, sincere and trustworthy. He is pragmatic and gives his best to any task assigned to him. His tactical and technical knowledge is Above Average. Runs a happy team and commands the respect of his officer and men. He is socially well adjusted and happily married. 6 Maj. ___________ is an exceptionally efficient and dependable officer, who has performed his duties, during the period of reporting, to my entire satisfaction. A go-getter, who seeks and accepts addl responsibilities, even beyond the call of routine obligations cheerfully.

He is selfless in ;subordinating himself to the cause and pride of the org/team and as such, has proven to be an exceptionally worthy member of ___________. Being endowed with sharp mental faculties, the offr possesses the acumen to analyse complex problems/issues and provide pragmatic & workable solutions. Possesses pleasuring manners and conducts himself with a praiseworthy demeanour at all times. He is ideally suited for military assignments abroad. An asset to the org. 7 ——– is an immaculately turned out officer, with a striking military bearing. His loyalty, integrity, professional and regt commitment are beyond reproach.

Extremely intelligent and mature officer, —— , applies his experience and knowledge for the betterment of the org. A dedicated and devoted officer, he ignores personal discomfort to voluntarily shoulder addl resp. He has displayed conspicuous forethought and initiative to assist the CO in comd resp and achievement of unit KRAs. An upright officer, he has shown extra ordinary and rare enthusiasm, exuberance, innovative, industrious and positive apch to give impetus to unit effort in task attainment during ongoing CI ops. A methodical worker, the officer has a balanced personality with natural leadership qualities.

He leads by personal example and maint highest stds for others to emulate. His human apch, professional competence, coop behavior has ensured that he is held in highest esteem besides endearing him to all rks and earning their respect. An extremely competent offr, he has clear vision of tac, mgt and adm concepts. He has displayed exceptional tac acumen and dexterity in handling the Bn, indep, in active op area. His understanding, plg and execution of ops during existing dply of the unit, in CI ops has been exemplary. He has displayed personal under and bravery of highest order in numerous ops.

The offr applies his mgt skills effectively to produce discernable results in motivating tps to give their best under difficult conditions. His adm abilities are noticeable and praiseworthy. A professionally competence, personal conduct and extraordinary leadership abilities. He has a well rounded personality to represent the country abroad in any forum and assignment. The offr and his wife are socially adaptable, have pleasing manners and positive out look to professional and social reqmts of his service. —— is an asset to the org, both in war and peace and has bright future in the Army. (Arty/Engr/Sigs CO) A spirited, very mature and immaculately turned out officer with an impressive military bearing, ———— is an inspiring leader who always leads from the front, setting an example for all to follow. Quick on the uptake with discriminating common sense, he is fluent in his communication skills. Altruistic and a Spartan for discipline, the officer remains imperturbable under stress and has a humane attitude towards his subordinates. A live wire he is decisive, assured and resolute. Utterly devoted to the service, he is resilient and punctilious.

He exhibits all the desirable traits of personality and leadership for higher command and other assignments, making him eminently suitable for command of any type of formation. As the CO of ——————-, the officer has performed exceedingly well, fully comprehending the operational, training and adm reqmts of his comd and doing all that is in his power to ensure very high std of op readiness of his unit. He has trained his comd effectively to undertake any type of msn which might come their way and has been untiring in his efforts to ensure the well being of his men, aiming to provide max facilities to them and their families.

He exhibits great deal of foresight in anticipating future reqmts of his comd and wks towards achieving their fructification. A very competent CO. Suitably married the couple possesses all the reqd social graces and are eminently suitable to represent the army and the country on any assignment incl foreign assignments. Has excellent organisational skills. An excellent CO who is an asset to the org. 9 Short and lean, ——- is a very intelligent, keen and conscientious officer with good military bearing and an extremely pleasing disposition. Always cheerful, he has impeccable (perfect) manners and social graces.

Physically very tough and mentally robust, he is capable of enduring protracted hardship with his command. Extremely hardworking and painstaking, he possesses excellent knowledge of his area and tactics which combined with an analytical and intuitive (perceptive) mind makes him an exemplary and efficient CO. inspiring leadership qualities he took pride in leading his men from the front, every time his unit undertook an operation, most of which culminated in a No of successful encounters resulting in the elimination of over 27 militants in the last one year, including some dreaded top leaders.

He took pains to train, administer and motivate his unit in an innovative and practical manner making his RR unit a well-organised and coordinated fighting machine. His zeal, keenness and enthusiasm is infectious making his officers and men seek contact with terrorists fearlessly and repeatedly. Extremely fair but firm, his humane approach endeared him both to his command and the local population. Clear-headed and sharp, he is frank and forthright in voicing his viewpoint with logic and conviction. A very balanced and gentlemanly officer, he would ever be an ideal representative of our army and nation in an international environment.

He willingly shoulders additional responsibility cheerfully. He is fair and objective in his assessment of subordinates. An ideal team-man, he will be an asset to any organisation under any condition. His overall performance as the CO of an RR unit deployed in an active and difficult area has been outstanding and exemplary. I shall feel proud to have ____________ by my side both in operations and in peace. A well-rounded individual, a thorough gentleman and a professional soldier. 10 A short and medium build officer with an excellent military bearing who takes keen pride in his turnout and uniform.

The officer is soft spoken, sincere, hardworking and professionally sound. As the QM of ——— he has been transparent and mature in his outlook and dealings, methodical, and thorough with clear foresight, planing and execution with an eye for details. An officer with immense drive and determination and a useful and contributing member of the team. The officer is physically fit and is good at football, basketball and golf. Socially active he is a thorough gentleman. An honest, selfless, straightforward and upright officer who is an asset to the organisation. 11

A balding pate and a visage of an academician Mrityunjai is a man of measured opinion. Never in a hurry to follow an impulse he takes due time to weigh the pros and cons before giving a comment or acting on it. In his professional speciality this has definite merit. The manifestation of this is evident in the analysis he carries out of the on going legal cases and the advise he offers. His staff work is neat, clean and timely. His recommendations are precise and articulate. A good team man, he has participated in various activities in the corps headquarters. A very competent performance.

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