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Jasper Moore Final Exam essay Speech 1100 Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier Is technology moving faster than what we can handle? That is the question most people are asking in our current generation. The age of the World Wide Web changed a single generation into the now wired world of modern culture. In this essay I will discuss the ways in which multitasking is contributing to the focus of society. Also the ethical concerns of technology shaping our culture and our dependence upon it. As well as the question of schools making online ethics a necessary part of the curriculum.

Lastly I will speak on how a lot of the ideas presented in Digital nation relate to civil society and rhetoric. To start off Multitasking is contributing to the way students are attending class. There used to be a time where no cell phones where allowed or laptops. Now students take notes, research, and read summaries of books for homework assignments using technology. Mainly students are focused on too many things at once which limits how students retain information in class. It was found in studies that when students are multitasking they are slower when switching to other tasks compared to sticking with one task.

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Even though a lot of students believe they are more effective by taking more than one task at a time studies prove it is actually more distracting. Not only are we slower but technology also disengages us from the real world in some cases. Kids are playing games for hours day by day either online or with a game console. No longer do we see children outside playing games only at home online are they engaged with others. Even the communication of our youth is limited; parents have difficulty talking to their children because of the constant game play.

In certain countries even in the U. S. there are places where kids can play games online all day. Children have even died because of the constant game play during tournaments without water or nourishment. Even with this being an issue in the online gaming world children still continue to play. Which causes the future of today’s youth too dependent on our now digital world. There are many ethical concerns in the way technology is shaping our culture. Our generation is now dependent upon the internet because of technology advancing the way it has over the years.

Due to children growing up into a technological world teachers have to change the way they teach. Students are now in need of technology to adapt to the world as we see it today. Most students are unable to read a full novel more than 200 pages, because of this reading and writing has lowered over the years. Also instead of an essay form or style students write paragraphs with various points or arguments spread out within the essay but with no connection present. Within the job industry technology has also changed the way employers hire and even operate their business.

Companies like IBM use virtual reality to hold meetings and communicate online. This will ultimately cause problems with interpersonal skills, public speaking, and communication skills. Now because of the fast paced industry jobs need people to multitask and focus on various things at the same time which raises a lot of concerns to our culture. Essentially we went through the same thing when we no longer memorized speeches and print became the newest way to communicate a message. So really is it an ethical concern for our generation or are we now advancing to a new beginning that will create something bigger.

The way to combat the social problems created by technology is to embrace technology and allow it to flourish. Society now is somewhat dependent on digital technology but not in desperate ways. Society communicates with people in various countries and states threw out the online community creating friendships and bonds for years. Compared to the way previous generations were we now have new ways to communicate outside of our neighborhood. The online world gives us a way to engage with others but the main concern in society is how disengaged physically we are now as a culture.

With the rise of technology in our current generation schools should make online ethics a part of their educational curriculm. Mainly since the online world has advanced so rapidly children need to understand the concepts of the internet. Without teaching the youth on proper etticate on when and how to use the internet they can be subject to the dangers it also has to offer. Even though the internet may give society a way to escape the current world it still poses a threat that may affect the youth.

It is better to teach students at an early age because of our current businesses becoming digital Organizations. It will give the younger generation more of an advantage in the job fields today and it will also teach them on the new fundamentals of society. Since there’s no way around our advancing digital world we at least need to teach our youth and embrace technology as we’ve done before. A lot of the points and issues raised in digital nation are similar to rhetoric and the way things are done in civil society today.

In the digital nation documentary society was shown as becoming a nation dependent on technology. We have become dependent mainly because of the way technology has persuaded us to think so. Instead of looking in a phone book for a number we google it or use our phones to find it for us. More specifically in the documentary it shows how disengaged our youth has become because of technology. Video games are now in some ways the new next door neighbor that we engage with day to day. As well as advertisements persuading society to use various apps on their phone for different services.

We are becoming a digital nation because society and technology persuades us to be that nation dependent on technology. Our society now needs technology to survive like stated in the digital nation students need the internet to stay connected. Even older adults are now using the internet to connect with others across the world. Even in politics the internet is used to communicate with society using various blog sites and online pages. The digital nation we have become is now the new generation of how society communicates in day to day life.

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