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MBA ANNAMALAI[pic]UNIVERSITY | | |DIRECTORATE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION | M. B. A. (E-Business) first Year ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 – 2012 ASSIGNMENT TOPICS THIS BOOKLET CONTAINS ASSIGNMENT TOPICS. STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO WRITE THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR EIGHT PAPERS AS PER INSTRUCTIONS. Last date for submission:28-02-2012 Last date for submission : 15-03-2012 with late fee ` 300/- NOTE: 1. Assignments sent after 15-03-2012 will not be evaluated. 2. Assignments should be in the own hand writing of the student concerned and not type-written or printed or photocopied. . Assignments should be written on foolscap paper on one side only. 4. All assignments (with Enrolment number marked on the Top right hand corner on all pages) should be put in an envelop with superscription “MBA Assignments” and sent to The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar – 608 002 by Registered post. P. T. O 5. No notice will be taken on assignments which are not properly filled in with Enrolment Number and the Title of the papers. 6. Students should send full set of assignments for all papers. Partial assignments will not be considered.

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Write assignments on any TWO topics in each paper out of the FOUR. For each topic the answer should not exceed 15–pages. Each assignment carries 25 marks. (2 topics) Dr. S. B. NAGESWARA RAO DIRECTOR 1. 1 MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS 1. Distinguish between single use plans and multi-use plans. Examine the sources of policy formulation. 2. Do you accept that MBO is the way for assessing the managers performance? Substantiate your stated. 3. a) Discuss the various types of selection interviews. On what factors does the success of an interview depend? b) What are the different techniques of training?

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Discuss the relationship between levels of management and training technique. 4. a) Examine the factors that determine the size of the span. b) Enumerate the sources of conflict among the line and staff. Recommend the ways to resolve them. 1. 2 MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1. a) Discuss the difficulties in developing new products. What steps are involved in developing a mobile phone? b) Evaluate the pricing strategies adopted by washing machine manufacturers. Prepare a table showing the salient aspects of each company. 2. a) How will you measure the effectiveness of distribution set up of home based battery chargers (Inverters). ) What kinds of sales promotion techniques are available for laptop computes? Based on the schemes available in the market, suggest a suitable scheme for a company planning to launch a Lap Top Computer. 3. a) Do you agree (or) disagree that the need for achievement can be learned? Do you think it might be easier to learn it as a young child (or) as an adult? Elaborate on the merits and demerits of using technology in business communication. b) Briefly describe about interpersonal communication and discuss how interpersonal communication helps you in your business. 4.

Compare the advertising strategies adopted by: (i) Mobile service providers (ii) Hi-speed Bikes. 1. 3 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1. a) Give an idea of the shape of future organization. What would be the role of HRM in the future organization? 2. a) How would you define labour market? What are the different types of labour market? b) Write notes on: (i) Sons of the Soil, (ii) Medical discrimination, (iii) Religious discrimination. (iv) Raiding, (v) Head hunting, (vi) Blind advertisement. 3. a) Why performance appraisal is necessary? What are the different types of appraisal? b) How does a manager create a proper motivational limate for his workers? 4. a) What are the different methods of training? Why training is so necessary for India? b) “In the recent past, Human Capital Management is gaining importance in knowledge based organization” – Examine this statement. 1. 4 FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 1. Return on investments is a single comprehensive measure that contains everything happening with in the organisation “Explain the statement and illustrate its computations with imaginary figures? ” 2. “Marginal costing is the administrative tool for the Management to achieve higher profits and efficient operations”– Elaborate. 3. The effect of a price reduction is always to reduce the p/v ratio and to raise the break-even-point” – Explain and illustrate this by a numerical example. 4. “Flexibility in a budget is an aid to co-ordination while the budgetary control is an instrument co-ordination. ” – Comment. 1. 5 E-COMMERCE 1. Form the consumer’s view, what makes online shopping attractive? What are some of the drawbacks? From the markets view, in what way(s) is promoting a product on the web different from using mass media (T. V. Radio, Newspaper, etc. ,) and word of mouth – Discuss. 2. In what way is B2B considered as collaborative commerce?

Elaborate, B2B has been changing rapidly during the past decade. Review the literature (via the internet) and cite the factors in the B2B sector that have contributed to key changes. 3. Advertising presence is part of the marketing function for a first time merchant on the internet. How should one advertise such a presence? Discuss the basic rules for advertising in Internet. 4. The online employment services make it easy to change jobs. Therefore turnover rate may increase. This could result in a high cost of recruiting and training new employees. What can companies do to solve this problem? Discuss. 1. 6 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM . A data base Management system is to be created for the student record system of a formal university. The database keeps track of the student registration, fee records, and subjects registered by the students in a semester. Each student is expected to take certain subjects in a semester as per the need of a programme. Each subject has a specified fee. A student is allowed to pay the present form is not dependent on results. A programme is offered by a department, although a programme may contain subjects of different departments. The University follows a semester system and a programme may be of 1 to 8 semesters long.

Please perform the following activities for the description as given above. a) Design the database with suitable integrity constraints and create the database wit appropriate data. b) Assume two views for the tables designed in part (i) The first view is for the data entry person who is only allowed to enter new data in all the tables, however, once he/she enters the data he/she is not allowed to modify. The second view is for the students who can see only hi/her registration details. Create the two views and one user of the each view. Give the suitable access rights to the views/users. ) Write a procedure that creates pending fee details for each student. The total fee due is calculated for a semester o the basis of subjects registered by the student in that semester. The fee paid by the student for that semester. 2. A database Management system is to be created for a Study Centre to keep track of the students and the assignment records of the students. The database records the date of submission of assignment, the date of evaluation, the date of viva, the date of declaration of results, who evaluated the assignment, and the mark list description in which the assignment marks were sent to Regional Office.

The database also maintains the details of the evaluators. Please perform the following activities for the description as given above. a) Write the following queries using SQL: 1. Find the list of the students who have not submitted even a single assignment. 2. Find the details of the evaluators by whom average marks awarded are more than 70%. 3. Find the students who have passed more than 5 assignments. 4. Find the list of students who have not appeared in viva. Make and state suitable assumptions, if any. b) Create a trigger that prints the assignment result of the student if he fails in that assignment. ) Create a trigger that automatically gives a grace of a maximum of 2%, if a student gets 48% marks in the assignment. For example, if an assignment marks are entered as 48%, then the trigger will automatically convert the marks to 50%, so is the case of student who gets 49% marks. His/her marks will be updated to 50% by the trigger. d. Create a transaction to enter the mark list obtained from an evaluator of a specific assignment. 3. ABC Bank operates a number of branches and a customer of the bank can have any number of accounts which may be a joint account allowing more than one customer to operate a given account.

The bank offers four types of accounts – viz. , current account, saving account, loan account and market account. Identify the entities of interest; show their attributes and relationship among these entities. Also give the corresponding database design of each relation and underline a primary key of each relation. 4. Create 2 tables named ‘company_info’ with fields, emp_id, name, city, salary, designation, date, of joining and ‘personal_info’ with fields name, city, address, DOB, and phone_no. Perform the following query: 1. Insert five records to each table? 2. Perform subquery? 3.

Perform Union operation? 4. Perform intersect operation? 5. Perform minus operation? 6. Create a table by selecting from another table? 7. Delete one records using emp_id as a condition? 8. Display records using between operator where experience is between 1 to 8 years? 9. Insert 6 records? 10. Alter the table by adding the field experience? 1. 7 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM 1. Develop a MIS for a manufacturing organization indicating the different types of information subsystems depending on functional areas. Highlight the flow of information and the corresponding levels of information.

What are the types of reports the system would generate. 2. A mobile company is developing mobile billing system. Company is offering more than one mobile to a customer. The mobile company offers facilities like music on demand, internet, alerts and messages, electricity bill payment etc. Customer can choose facilities he wants customer can pay bill either in cash, using credit card or through ECS. The bill shows details about tariff, facility charges and rent. As an analyst design a system having a) Input screen for application for new mobile number. b) format of Pending Bill Report. ) Format of service wise customer report. 3. Arya Electronics Ltd. , appoints certain daily labours. They are in types of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled worker. The wages per day is given to the workers and it generally paid by cash. The company has decided standard rate for each type of worker. The rates are as under: Skilled: ` 250 per day. Semiskilled: ` 200 per day. Unskilled: ` 100 per day. The attendance is maintained by HR dept. Based on the attendance, Accounts dept makes the payment of each worker at the end of the moth. Addition to the daily working Hrs. 8hrs), if the workers has done extra duty then additional payment will be made on the basis of per hour, i. e. 8% for skilled, 6% for semiskilled and 10% for unskilled workers respectively. You are required to do the following: a) Design Normalized database. b) Design Report based on available data. 4. a) You are a CEO of a business. Organization. You are asked to prepare a financial and accounting information system. Now identify various sub system of financial accounting information system and also explain how it works. b) “Organisational productivity enhancement is possible through MIS. ” Discuss with the focus on ?

Human Resource Development ? Organisational Development ? System view of organization 1. 8 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1. Discuss the differences between black-box testing and structural testing and suggest how they can be used together in the defect testing process. 2. In the context of a hypothetical project, explain following: a. Requirement Analysis b. Feasibility Study c. Benefit Analysis 3. What do you mean by software quality? How a company assures the quality aspect of given project? Discuss. 4. List and explain the different approaches to identify the activities or tasks of a project. ***

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