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Now that I have taken Writing sass I have leaned a lot of structure and discipline and my writing has come a long way even though it is not perfect. I still have a few challenges that I need to work through in order to become a better writer. The first challenge that I had was organization, and how in the world was I was going to complete this assignment. I used to complete assignments by taking a bunch of notes and bunching those notes into an answer. The notes were on the material I read or random thoughts. I had no outline and I really had no clue on what I was doing, I was just disorganized.

This class has taught me to use an outline and how to brainstorm, and how to use an outline, which is more organized and better way to answer an assignment. Writing papers was another challenge and when it came to writing papers I used to type over a previous paper to use that as an outline, since I had no idea what I was doing and even how to begin writing a paper. Writing sass has really to shown me how to layout a paper and how to reference my work into the body of the paper. Previously I waited till the end to cite my references, because I knew of no other way.

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This was the wrong way to do it, but I did not know how to fix it and I did not ask for help, instead I Just took a hit on the grade and finished the paper. I have noticed that Microsoft has way to many versions of Word and not all the versions are compatible which can be an issue when it comes to linking stuff in a document. I am one to admit that I still need a lot of work when it comes to writing a paper and I will need to have a tutor or a teacher sit down with me a do this hands on, the online course is Just not working out for me.

I still agree that I have come along way, but I just need help in figuring out the final touches. The cause and effect essay had to be the most challenging essay I ever wrote, I really had to learn to take myself out of the paper and to stop using l, and My so much. COMIC allows you to turn in rough drafts and provides you with outlines on how to complete your assignment. Without the outline the cause and effect essay would not have been completed. When I attended American Public University they had switched to a Turban style paper, and no longer used PAP.

No professor could provide you with an outline and trying to get alp online is next to impossible. In my last class that I had attended I had a similar essay due on the cause and effects of fertilizer. I failed that assignment, due to no outline and not really having an idea of what the cause and effect really meant. Writing sass has shown me how to write a cause and effect paper and it will provide with valuable resources for the future. I now know how to write a cause and effect paper. In conclusion I am glad that I did take this course but I do wish that I had achieved the ability to master the writing of a paper.

As I previously stated, I have got a lot better but I still need work and I know that with practice I will get better. I can say that I did achieve the ability to not cringe when it came to writing papers and completing conferences, as I came into this class with the expectation that I would fail. The assignments in Writing sass were quite intriguing and kept my interest up and I did not mind completing them. COMFIT was a huge asset and it should be offered in every class I take, as the interaction is Just what is needed when completing an online course. Works Cited

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