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Before his course, my definition of learning was very generic, stating that learning is integral to success and that one should strive to learn as much as possible. While I know that those statements and beliefs are true, I would now define learning as a very personal and individual process of acquiring information based on an individual’s personal learning patterns and how they obtain, retain, and apply that information. To someone who has not taken this course, I would explain that learning is actually easier, when they know how they learn as an individual. Old explain the 4 learning patterns with brief descriptions of each and a short example of how each one works, why they are important, and how they help in regards to learning and interacting with others, or performing specific tasks. I would let them know that when you learn using these patterns, you are learning with Intention, and Intentional learning brings out the best in them and in the successful completion of their goals and dreams! I have always loved learning and embrace it with an open mind and a willingness to absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can!

My Learning Pattern scores are as follows… Sequence, 26 Precision-31 Technical Reasoning-1 9 and Confluence-26 Typically, I have used Sequence, Precision, and Confluence frequently in my life in everything from being a parent, to work related issues and achieving goals. Although, until now, did not realize my frequent use of these patterns. Have used Technical Reasoning at certain times as well, because these 4 patterns are actually meant to work together as a team, for individuals to achieve success in all that they do.

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However, most people use one or more patterns to a higher agree than others and avoid some patterns altogether; therein lies the problem of not knowing about these patterns and how they work for you personally. When you know of these patterns and know your personal use of each pattern, you can direct them, or FIT them to work as the team they are meant to be! I have benefited greatly from this course. Some of the benefits have realized are as follows… I have learned to FIT, which is to Forge, Intensify, or Tether my learning patterns, in order to get the most beneficial, maximum result from my patterns.

I have learned to Forge my Technical Reasoning, so that when working with computer tech type projects, that normally would have highly frustrated me, now has become just another step toward the completion, and I am able to follow through with ease! Have also better developed my Sequence and Precision in the way that I approach and complete assignments. Before this course, I would just sit down and write the assignment, without consciously using my learning patterns.

Now, use Sequence and Precision to pre-write a draft, edit, and review my writing, as ell as critically re-reading the assignment instructions, decoding it, and double checking to ensure that I have completed all the requirements, which also requires Technical Reasoning, I also use Confluence in a better, more intentional manner as well, by brainstorming topics and looking at the “Big Picture”. After reviewing my work piece by piece, now look at the overall presentation to ensure that my assignment is connected properly and that each part ties to the other, and the complete picture is balanced.

Although, I have enjoyed it, this course has also been challenging for me and hose challenges have impacted me in a very profound way. One major challenge for me was learning to FIT my learning patterns. Because am a Strong-willed Learner, with 3 Use First learning patterns, it is a challenge to Tether dominant patterns when needed. For instance, I need to consciously practice Tethering my Precision because tend to be overly descriptive, as you might have noticed! Also, Forging my Technical Reasoning remains a challenge as well. But, I now have the strategies to be able to accomplish what challenges me.

I now have the help of Decoding, Word Walls, and Personal Strategy Cards to help with challenges as well. And these strategies allow me to move forward with a strong confidence, which is backed by quality resources that help to propel my achievements toward success, without frustration, and can progress smoothly and efficiently. As write this last paragraph, and this course comes to it’s end, realize how much I have really enjoyed this course, and find myself a bit sad that is already over. I really enjoyed learning about myself and how I learn as an individual, and how others learn individually. Joked how each week connected to the week before and brought to the next, as the Course’s Confluence blossomed to the Big Picture like a beautiful lotus flower , opening to showcase it’s subtle perfection, this course quietly, yet greatly makes its profound impact upon me and has made positive changes in me that I will carry with me forever; and for that, am extremely grateful and even more proud of my decision to obtain my degree. Had expected this course to be a good course and I was confident about learning in an online platform, However, this course has irately exceeded my expectations in every way.

From getting to know my fellow classmates as they shared their lives, challenges, and dreams; to our dedicated and knowledgeable instructor who gives feedback in a very positive, understanding, and nonjudgmental way, to the confidence I have now because Of the strategies now have the option to use. Am very happy to have taken this course and will use the beneficial knowledge have gained from it, to obtain my degree, have success in my career, and live my life… With Focused Intention!!!!

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