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Taking into consideration China’s robust economic growth over the last 20-25 years, there is little reservation that China’s has had positive impacts on the economy. Because of the increase of the Gross Domestic Product (GAP), China has saved over 400 million people from definite poverty between the years 1979 to 2005 (The State Environmental Protection Administration, 2007). Despite this economic growth in arbitration and industrialization, there have arisen major concerns about the impact this economic growth and the over population has place on the environment.

Over population in China have place large demands on sustainability such as water and air pollution, land degradation, and natural resources. In this assignment, the team will explore issues on environmental implications, the degradation Of land and resources, pollution, and the detrimental living conditions in China. Furthermore, we will explore possible solutions such as one-child policies, tax implementations for such violations, birth control, and birth reduction methods. Chinas overpopulation Overpopulation is understood as a situation in which the number of occupants in a specified area exceeds the ability the area can provide.

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China is a large population taking up roughly seven percent of the earth’s land mass with close to 25% of the world’s population. According to U. S. Census Bureau (201 1) China has more citizens than any other nation, “China in first place with 1. 33 billion people, India second with 1. 14 billion people, and third the United States with 303 million people,” (World Population Summary). China’s legal working age to start is at around 15 years and lasts up to and about 64 years of age. Possessing a large population and a lengthy working age allows

China’s economy to capitalize on work efficiency. Chinas overpopulation is a resource to its economic gains by providing mass production at a low cost to business around the globe. Overpopulation has led china to seek different approaches when using its resources for food and water to feed its emergent population. Chinas population crisis is a situation that if not dealt with properly could lead to a serious problem affecting other nations. Issues from Chinas Overpopulation China faces a serious issue with overpopulation growth at an expedited speed.

Due the extreme number factories caused by business and mass reduction it has caused serious pollution damage to the atmosphere above china and its surroundings. Another factor in the pollution problems facing China is the amount of unclean emission from various methods of transportation used by its people in day to day life. Large landfills and costal shores being used as dump sites by china and the importation of toxic from other countries has lead to serious pollution damage into the environment and the quality of air has becomes detrimental to the Pl health.

Chinas alternate methods of resources for food and water hail caused damage to the earth’s natural resources by using an express f growing crops by using unhealthy and harmful fertilizers and pests( Using unhealthy fertilizers and pesticides along with a lack of proper c its environment has led to bad soil and bug infestations. Even with Chi efficient working class the nation’s overpopulation exceeds the avail resources of employment for its citizens. Lack of job availability is a lei cause to homelessness, starvation, and poverty.

When a large enough amount of citizens are continuing to be denied a way to sun. ‘vive then t element of crime becomes a factor that is added into society. Chinas population if properly regulated and sustained could be a possibility t become the world’s leading nation. Fall (2008) The ability of the Chine people to cope with overpopulation is admirable, but it is clear that the problem will block or handicap development and modernization effort decades to come.

China’s overpopulation problem is a warning to 70th developing countries that neglect family planning. Resolutions in Consideration China has very strict and enforced population control policies. There been a one child per family policy that restricts families to only one chi order to maintain the population levels. An example of a consequent following the population control policies is but not limited to a taxation to 50% of the income received by that family.

Other consequences cool unemployment or denial of government support. Even with strict polio. Chinas government offers assistance at little to nothing cost to its citizen The largest assistance provided is birth control and various other contraceptives. In efforts to cut down on pollution to the environment is advancing their efforts in more economically safer methods of transportation. If china can continue to advance their efforts in pull, intro and environmental impact they can provide a healthier way of its citizens.

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