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Communicate Effectively: Students will ogently express themselves in class discussion and written assignments. Course-specific learning outcomes. This course will prepare students to 1 Explain the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business. 2 Describe encounters leading to torts. 3 Explain the essentials of a rudimentary binding contract. 4 Describe the consequences of a contract breach. 5 Describe forms of business organization (proprietary, partnership, corporation). 6 Describe agency principles and interactions. Describe product liability issues and their impact on business. 8 Describe the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Describe basic laws that apply to the employment setting. 10 Describe property law concepts, including landlord tenant law. Course Requirements This course requires a significant amount of reading, analysis, writing, and discussion each week. To fulfill the course requirements, you must complete all of the following. 1 Reading Assignments: You will read and study at least two chapters from the textbook each week along with each chapter’s corresponding Power Point presentation.

The Power points, along with recommended videos, are posted in Canvas. 2 Discussion Forums: Each week you must complete the iscussion assignment(s) related to that week’s readings. These assignments will be worth 10 points each week for 100 points for the course. 3 Legal Analysis Papers: You will write two legal analysis papers. These short papers will give you an opportunity to apply the legal analysis you learn in the class. Each paper will be worth a maximum of 50 points. One may be a group project. 4 Tests: You will take three tests. Each test will be worth 100 points. Extra Credit: You may do one of the following assignments for up to 20 points. Prepare a typed report and submit it to the drop box labeled “Extra Credit” in the Modules section of our Canvas classroom by midnight of the due date shown in Canvas. Your choices are: Visit a superior court proceeding and write a two-page memorandum concerning your observations and comments. Interview (preferably in person, but can be by phone) a local practicing attorney or judge, and write a two-page written commentary (memorandum) of the interview. The interview may not be done online (e. g. via email or instant messaging) or via texting. The extra credit is governed by the following: Grading will be based upon completeness, conciseness, and clarity of expression. The memorandum/summary must be word-processed, single-spaced, times new roman, 12 point font. Neatness and organization also count. Deductions will be made for poor grammar, spelling and sentence structure, as well as for failure to follow the designated format and posting instructions. Late assignments will not be accepted, unless arrangements have been made with me, and are subject to points deduction.

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Please let me know in advance of the due date if you foresee a problem turning in an assignment in a timely fashion, or have any question about how to do so that is not answered above r in the assignment. Course Policies Computer Issues: This course is taught using the CANVAS online course management system. Consequently, you must have daily access to a reliable, working computer with CANVAS-accessible Internet access. You must also have updated virus protection on-board at all times. Lack of technical capability is not a justifiable excuse for missing an assignment deadline.

Computer or software malfunctions also cannot be used to excuse late work. Your instructor is not responsible for and cannot support personal computers and other personal electronic devices. The student is expected to know how to troubleshoot personal computer problems and have a working computer with stable internet service and access to EvCC email and CANVAS (used by EvCC to support online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses). It is also recommended every student regularly back up computer files to either an external hard drive or USB drive.

Even if you are computer literate but are new to CANVAS, recognize that you may still have a learning curve. If you have problems, please make sure that you ask questions proactively (especially to other students who may have lready experienced and solved the problem you’re dealing with), be patient with yourself as you learn, and utilize the multitude of resources that the EvCC Distance Learning Department offers. You can access help by contacting eLearning at http://vwm. everettcc. edu/elearning/ or by calling the EvCC helpdesk at (425) 388-9367.

Late Work: You must complete all assignments and tests during the week and on the day they are due. If you miss a deadline you lose those points. Academic Honesty: Academic honesty is highly valued at EvCC. You must always submit work that represents your original words or ideas. You must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which outside sources were used. Words or ideas that require citation include, but are not limited to, all hard copy or electronic publications. Full blown citations aren’t necessary.

If you’re using the text as a source it is okay to cite a page number. Taking credit for the work of others may result in being failed for the course. Accommodation for Disabled Students: EvCC will make reasonable accommodations for a person with documented disabilities. Students should notify the Center for Disability Services about any special needs. should be otified as soon as possible after documentation and an accommodation have been approved by the Center. Assessment Course requirements and the specific point values used to assign final grades are detailed below.

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