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Additionally, listening and thinking influences the different ideas that we can develop; this can affect our self-development and mental capabilities, which can increase opportunities for further engagement. Sullivan further states that vital qualities, such as grit, play a grander role in college readiness; due to the fact hat perseverance, self-discipline, and passion are essential to create strong intellectual potentials. As well, any young adult is eventually given unlimited freedom; no control for this freedom given in college develops no maturity and no positive direction for the student.

Without maturity, a moral attitude towards college and education will usually not develop in the manner that a prepared and successful student’s attitude would. Although Sullivan claims that students must have certain skills such as listening and reading comprehension, to be ready for college, I disagree. College readiness is not etermined by a set of skills; rather it is determined by how academically involved a student wants to be in his/her education. He states that, “students who are ready for college like to read.

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If you dont like to read, you are going to find college very difficult” (pp. 1). In my experience, by coming to college and wanting to be more involved in my education, realized that college is actually simple and that my increased involvement also has been leading me to be college ready and successful. In college I wanted to be more academically involved and by doing so I realized how I became more rganized, gained a habit of completing many assignments before due dates, and could notice how my grades were very much improved.

In addition, the author states, “If you don’t love to read you will probably be confused and frustrated while at college” (pp. 2). In my first week of college my reading assignments consisted of hundreds of pages that had to be read in the same week. Even when reading without the love to do so, the assignments never created any irritation. Never in my life have enjoyed reading, or have understood how someone enjoys reading. Nonetheless, I have completed very assignment because of how it would be a significant factor in my academics.

Throughout the article, Kim Nelson (pp. 3) and Patrick Sullivan, many times state that skills and qualities make all college success and achievements possible. Qualities and skills are not responsible for attaining goals and achievements. Rather, success depends on the student. Not everybody can expect to have all the skills and qualities Nelson and Sullivan discuss, but by working hard and wanting to be involved in his/her education, the student can be led to success.

Furthermore, meaning that the student will eed to be consistent will all assignments, wisely manage time, be willing to go to class and take detailed notes, study at home and stay organized, and maintain high standards for himself/herself. I do not like to read, as said before, but even without the “skills” I still accomplish multiple goals in all of my classes (even when reading is required). Sullivan believes that skills are the only factor that contributes to success, but success in college depends on the student. His/her decision to be involved in his/her education is more important than having “certain skills and qualities”.

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