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Integrated brand communication Assignment one R. Tomlinson Bibliography Introduction Question one Question two Question three bibliography page monads BBC By shenanigans Node’s is an African/ Portuguese restaurant. It was first introduced to the UK in 1992 as a takeaway in Leaning , In 1999, Node’s expanded outside of London and by 2000 they had restaurants in Manchester and Birmingham. Today Node’s have over 240 restaurants in the UK and almost 1000 worldwide. In 2012 it was named the 3rd biggest growth chain with a reported sales growth of 16. 8% .

Question 1. 1 state the primary research you conducted Interview Surveys Explaining the approach who what when how, reasons ( 10) Question 1. 2 state the secondary research you conducted internet in-store observations Explaining the approach who what when how, reasons (10) 1 . Do you eat fast food 2. How many times a week do you eat fast food 3. Do you eat Monads 4. What do you order when getting fast food 5 now much are you willing to spend on taste t 6. What are you 3 top reasons for eating at Monads 7. Do you eat fast food on the go 8. O you order combo’s or individually 9. Owe do you like your grilled chicken tasting 10. What would you like Monads to add on the menu Question 2. 1 Industry/category trends Operators focused on increasing their appeal to cash-strapped consumers at the end of the review period. This saw players increasing their focus on less-traditional departs, thus ensuring that they have a greater opportunity to attract consumers throughout the day and not Just in the evenings. An increasing number of fast food chains are including breakfast menu items. This ensures that consumers will insider the brand as relevant for food at all times of the day.

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KEF meanwhile advertised a breakfast for under ROR in the year, with this including a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a cappuccino. McDonald’s meanwhile offers a breakfast muffin and a coffee breakfast for Just RI 8. Question 2. 2 brand Question 2. 3 competition Brands continued to lead fast food with its KEF brand in 2012. With a total of 672 outlets in the year, the brand held a comfortable lead with 177 more stores than the second largest player. This lead is due to the popularity of chicken fast food in South

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