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The world per capita is 77. Key to the success of Coca-Cola Is an Integrated business system that Includes a network of bottling partners and canners. In line with a universal model, Coca-Cola South Africa is responsible for marketing the beverages, which the bottlers and canners manufacture and distribution economic impact study, undertaken in 2007 by the University of South Africans Bureau of Market Research on behalf of Coca-Cola South Africa, found that for every job created in the Coca-Cola System, another 10 are rated outside of it.

This is done through the sale of their products or through procurement from companies supplying us with goods and services. Therefore, Coca-Cola South Africa Is a significant contributor to the country’s economy and supports many industries, particularly the food and agriculture, packaging, 1 OFF trade sectors. Soft drinks are the single most important product group to the turnover of small informal businesses, according to the 2007 Economic Impact Study conducted by the University of South Africans (ANIS) Bureau of Market Research.

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The many is often recognized for its business achievements and active involvement in community fulfillment. The Coca-Cola Company’s Manifesto for Growth, which defines a series of goals that must be accomplished by 201 5, commits Coca-Cola South Africa to a range of programs and interventions in terms of People, Portfolio, Partners, Profit and Planet. Each area is driven by local priorities and focus points, and is further contributing to the Coca-Cola story in South Africa. P. 23 Learning Outcome Seven 2. The hedonistic, experiential model (HEM) will be more applicable for the advertisement of the new Alfa Romeo.

The HEM viewpoint recognizes that people often consume products for the sheer fun of it or in the pursuit of amusement, fantasies, or sensory stimulation. Product consumption from the hedonistic perspective results from the anticipation of having fun, fulfilling fantasies, or having pleasurable feelings. Comparatively, choice behavior from the CPM perspective is based on the thoughtful evaluation that the chosen alternative will be more functional and provide better results than will the alternative. P. 24 Learning Outcome Eight no.

The steps of the H-O-E model: the various Marco elements must advance consumers through a series of psychological stages 1 . Advance consumers from unawareness to awareness When a brand or product is introduced to the market, consumers are unaware of its existence or special features Objectives… Create awareness among customers; create an advertisement campaign to get customers aware 2. Creating Expectations Persuade consumers that the brand is different and better than other brands Parallax can show through the use of their adverts that their product is better and efferent from its competitors Thus encouraging a trial basis 3.

Encourage trial purchase If consumer develops positive expectations Through the use of Premolars adverts, people will purchase the good to see if it meets the promise that is given by the advert 4. Forming beliefs and attitudes Upon using the product consumer forms beliefs about the brands performance & benefits Leads to an overall attitude toward the brand Beliefs and attitudes are mutually reinforcing This is the main objective because it is much easier maintaining your current customers than to continually find new customers.

Brand loyalty is a goal to which the marketing communicators aspire to achieve. P. 29 Learning Outcome One no. 2 KEF, was typically advertised for lunch time and dinner time meals, was now advertised for breakfast meals also. Rice crisis’s, was typically enjoyed for breakfast, now it can be used for baking purposes also. P. 31 Learning Outcome Five 2. Stroll Chewing Gum and Node’s Chicken advertisements. Both the abovementioned brands contain elements of “sticky’ messages in their advertising features – which are all found in the sixth element of “Sticky ads”- Storytelling.

Furthermore, Stroll advertising campaigns have an element of unexpectedness, were the advert generates interest and curiosity when they deviate from audience members’ expectations (Stroll Twist Chewing Gum television advertisement). Monads Chicken advertising campaigns are credible, they have sense of authority and provide reasons why they should be accepted as fact. This is easily accomplished by Monads; merely because the fact that they are a fast-food outlet and whatever consumers are made aware of through the use of mass media can be easily found at one of their franchises nationwide.

Monads advertisements are both simple and profound; in the sense that they entice consumers with their chicken. Simple advertisements are appropriate in the sense of the term’s CAN elements of creativity. P. 32 Learning Outcome Six 1. No. 3 USPS creative style – Girl Skateboards – the lightest boards around 2. Brand Image creative style – Coke the best soft drink around 3. Resonance creative style – Red Bull people who are always active and need energy will respond to this 4. Emotional creative style – KEF, always good times. 5. Generic creative style – Choice from checkers .

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