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MAP Summer Assignment When Bases spots pale stranger coming towards their village, the entire tribe welcomes them because visitors are always a cause for celebration. Little did they know the strangers weren’t there to celebrate. They came to capture the strongest, and the healthiest, villagers and kill the rest. Mari whose fifteen-years old are one of those villagers. The pale strangers shackled all the villagers they wanted and took them on a 3 day walk, nonstop walking. Some were beaten, dragged, branded, and even killed. When they reached their destination they a boarded onto a ship, a slave ship.

There Mari met a red haired guy who taught her English. Soon after Mari met Fall who gives her hope and strength. The III that I thought was most prevalent throughout this story is Health and social education which is basically human issues that exist in human societies. I chose this III because this novel expresses unimaginable hardship, starvation and disease, pain, hope, determination, and human exploitation and suffering. To begin with, this novel is mostly about leaver which has been a major issue for decades and maybe still is today. A little after the ship ride, Mari was sold to Mr..

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Derby and then given as a birthday present to clay, his sixteen-year old son. Mari then meets Poly an indentured white girl. Who has the same dreams as her, to get freedom. I can tie this to Health and social education because as a teenage girl when you see your family get killed then you’re captured and soul many tend to lose hope and think there the blame so they will beat themselves up for it. Many people today still trade people or do human raffling which is illegal. Another thing from the story is when Mr.. Derby beat Mari on conscious, which is a form of abuse and maybe attempted murder.

All because of a little spill. Many people today still face many types of abuse and some keep quiet about it because it’s their own flesh and blood. But that’s still no way to treat a human being, while your beating them you’re taking away their dignity and self- respect. During that time you know there weren’t any type of medication or machines to help the sick so people would get sick or catch stuff and passed it on to others which cause a wide spread of disease that’s how most of the men’s died and that another way Health and social education is connected.

The slave owners didn’t give the slaves the treatment and sanitary things they needed to live the way they were supposed to. This caused many to die. Soon after Clay rapes Mari which gets her pregnant. I believe that rape is Just a disgusting shameful act that’s unnecessary and it could really damage a person. Teens now really face a big problem with rape and not only ten’s adult also. People are Just going out raping others without hinging anything of it but if it were them who were getting raped then maybe they whole point of view on the thing would change.

When you rape someone you basically killed them. You have token away everything from them without even knowing it, you destroyed their life with one little act. Victims of rape tend to drop out of school or even commit suicide. When you drop out of school at a young age your whole life is messed up from there, it’s going to be hard to get a Job let alone find a good paying one. Health and social education is connected because without MAP summer assignment By bunnies

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