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Grade 9 – 10 Art Foundations Pottery/Ceramic Unit Assignment 1; Preliminary Research Component for Isomorphic Figurine; Internet & RIB; (Summation) Definition:- ‘Having the shape, form or likeness of an animal’ – Wizardry. 1 . Go to Google Images. Form/ 2. Use any 2 – 3 of the following first key words to pair up with either of the key phrases. This will help you to find some interesting examples of Ancient Isomorphic Figures:- First Key Word Second Key Phrase Phoenician Isomorphic Clay Forms Ancient Cyprus Isomorphic Figurines Mesopotamia Persian Ancient Egyptian Hellenic Roman 3. Choose 6 images you are attracted to. 4.

Choose 6 images you are attracted to. 2. Copy and paste all 6 images and their web addresses onto one AY Word Document. 3. Make sure that the total size of your 6 images does not exceed one AY page. 4. 5. Save the Word Document into your account so that you will be able to print in color Assignment 4; Research Component:- Final Design for Isomorphic Form/Figurine; RIB; (Summation) You are required to show a series of drawings of the final piece in your RIB before you make it in the Studio.

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The piece will be made using the 2 pinch pots Joined together technique. It will be decorated with line designs and patterns that are likely to be influenced by your research in Assignment 3 but try to reinterpret them to reflect a personal aspect/idea/experience. You will be painting a choice of several different colors of Piece. You will scratch your line design or pattern back into the painted surface. This is called GRAFFITO.

When dried and fired, you will paint a over the surface and your piece will be re-flared. ### You need to draw 3 sketches of your final chosen Isomorphic Form/Figurine Show a back view, a front view and a side view. Label each view. Show general positioning of surface designs. Make note of where your influences came from for your patterns and designs. Assignment 5; Studio Component:-isomorphic Form/Figurine (Summation) You will make the piece you have drawn in Assignment 4. Enjoy!

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