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First semester has come to the end Today is 13th September. I Just finished my speaking test for the final exam. All that I can conclude from the test is I need to improve my English proficiency. I was in the same group with my class rep, Sandbar Clan, Alai Md Lanai and one of the best speaker in my class, Aisha Small. At first, when I assigned to be in their group, I was very nervous. Aisha is the best speaker as she does not even need any text if she is doing the presentation. She got a lot of ideas and can talk spontaneously.

Before this, y faculty held a MI-JET workshop and it is compulsory for all the students to attend the workshop. The saddest part is the workshop was held during the weekend. I felt quite frustrated as I thought that I might lose my weekend. But after being in the workshop for two days, I think that it is worth it to lose my weekend. The workshop was really beneficial and I got a lot of input from it. I learned how to write an essay, to answer the reading part and many tips on how to sit the speaking test.

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Two weeks ago, the first semester for the degree students has started. A great deal of them name and registered at my college. Tartan canceled, Mar’s food court has been occupied with degree students. It was quite difficult for us to buy food there. There were so many people at the food court and we have to queue up to buy food. It means that if I want to buy food, I have to buy it earlier. Before this, I had my dinner at PM but now, I have to buy and eat the food at the evening. I do not want to waste my time by lining up for an hour Just to buy a plate of NASA lemma.

I got tons of assignments to do and I prefer eating instant noodles rather than buying food there. However, it does not mean that I always eat instant noodles as it is not good for my health. Staying in this urban area, I really have to save up. Everything is costly now. I am no longer live in the place where you can get a plate of NASA lemma with only ARM 1. 50. I feel quite stress now because of the assignments. There are a lot of assignments to be finished before the final exam. The most difficult assignment is the computer literacy. It is an individual assignment.

My classmates and I were given a task. We have to make an educational CD. I am still lost as I really do not know how to make the educational CD. The internet connection in my college is also one of the reasons why I feel stress. I cannot connect to the internet and it really difficult for me. Most of the assignments only can be done if I can connect to the internet. I afraid that I might not be able to finish these assignments if the internet connection is still slow. I really hope that internet connection will back to normal. Tomorrow, I will be going back to my aunt’s house at Malaria.

Actually, I want to go back to my hometown UT since it is only a few weeks before the final exam, I have to cancel the plan. It is only two weeks to go before the final exam. My lecturers have reminded me about the test 2 that will be conducted on next week. I will study really hard so that I will get the high GAP for the final exam. I will also sit for my MI-JET examination this October and November. I have promised my parents to study really hard so that I can be an English lecturer in the future. These two weeks also will be the two last week for me, my classmates and my roommates.

I heard that in the next semester, we will o longer be in the same class and same room. I really do not want this thing to not want to separate with my roommates. They are the most caring roommates ever. I have heard my friend’s story about their roommates. Their roommates seem to be not really care about them. There is one case when a law student who were in trouble, she had to ask for help from the other room as her roommates did not even want to help. I do not want to be in the same room with that kind of person. It same goes to my class. I think that we are already feel comfortable being together.

If I were UT in another class, I can imagine that it will take a lot of time to me to adapt the new situation. I really hope that we will not separate. I am looking forward to the new semester of this foundation. I was told that we will have to act in the literature class. It will be so fun. Next week, my group mates and I will perform our grammar song at the TEST Square. We will sing the uptown girl (waistline) and pretty woman (kale ho an ho). We will also dance. Goodbye first semester of foundation in TEST and welcome the second and last semester of foundation in TEST.

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