Orientation a Learning Experience Assignment

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The orientation of SIMS punk is one of the unforgettable experience for all the students. College conducts the orientation for 17 to 20 days. The orientation involves activities like classroom lectures, guest lectures, batch meets, business activities,powering presentations, assignment submissions, outbound activities and car activities. SIMS orientation a good learning experience The orientation conducted by SIMS is a well planned and organized activity which gives the participant student valuable information about how to be successful in their professional and personal life.

Orientation has given students a good experience of what to expect from the corporate life and made them intact for the rest of the academic life also. The orientation was conducted by the student council of the SIMS and they did their job very well by giving their juniors valuable tips from their own experience. My experience of SIMS orientation The orientation started on June 3rd. The first speech by director was so inspirational and he has given students valuable information’s about the life at SIMS. The next day the real entry to orientation started with a batch meet.

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Batch meet was so organized that every information to be followed for orientation was informed to students and this has helped me to strategies my orientation well. The batch meet was followed by a campus tour where all the campus facilities were informed to the students. After college tour the classroom section held ,where students got an opportunity to meet most of the faculties members. The faculty members were so helpful and has given dent about their plans for the first semester. The one of the most interesting one was the self introduction.

The introduction has helped me with knowing more about my batch mates like their educational background, family background, cultural background. Morning session ended with the classes while the most interesting part was the afternoon session which was dedicated to guest lectures by prominent corporate people. The guest lecturers were really beneficial for the students as they got lot of opportunities to interact with the guest’s and out of all the question session’s ere really beneficial. The day ended with the submission of termite and individual assignments.

The only problem was the time but people who took it positively has benefited from assignment submission’s. It taught students how to use their time productively. The students were giving their best to complete the assignments on time and it was a type of a stress management also, as students could strategies their work under those time constraints. We slept for only 4 hours and next morning we got up for morning physical training session and it was very useful because it makes students fit for whole ay.

Level of difficulty increased each passing day and even there were moments I thought of quitting but the determination to success kept me in this orientation. Orientation became a part of our daily life as students automatically woke daily morning and all will be present for the apt session and batch meet on time. The difference was unbelievable actually I saw the power of youth in SIMS Punk. Every one was enthusiastic and were very hard working so it made all team work easier and it became a platform for learning. Then came the final day of the orientation never expected the orientation to finish on 20th of June which was followed by a party.

The party also gave students to know them well and also to share their experience about the orientation. Conclusion The planning and organization is very important for student orientation and SIMS Punk has d conducted it well and it was even beyond every students expectation’s. Orientation at SIMS Punk is a good example for all other B schools of India and in my opinion everyone have to follow the path taken by the SIMS punk. All credit goes to Director and student council of SIMS Punk for giving all the students the right platform for their life at SIMS Punk.

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