My College Life Assignment

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I have started my college life in Matriculation College Niger Seminal for a few months. All that I can say is awesome! I feel blessed that I could enter the college. The one and only purpose for most of the students who are under the matriculation programmer is to get into their high-ranked university, especially for science stream students. Most of the parent’s hope their children could be offered a place under the programmer because they strongly believe that their children can get courses that they really want in the short period of one year.

Most of the outsiders repute that the fife in Matriculation College is easy. But then, now I deny the view, my college life is somehow trying. As the programmer is short, students have to armed the ability to cope with the long syllabus for each subject. No more hoping a helping hand from others, students have to be initiative. For example, If you cannot solve any mathematics problem, you can look for your lecturer in the mathematic unit. Students are mostly welcomed and the lecturer will be glad to deliver the methods. It is advisable that students should have solve the problem immediately once they have any question.

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Adaptation to a new environment is also a challenge for matriculation students. The first week in the college, I cried for almost everyday. The symptoms that students normally have: homesick, not independent and feeling loneliness. It will be find after some period of time when students getting familiar at there. Communicating skills is very important too. Students should know how to mix with people from different races. Language is the vital tool for communication, such as Bash Namely. It is the main language used in matriculation college. Practice makes perfect, speaking English everyday improve your English usage as well.

Bothersome, compact scheduled during weekdays make students have to keep on with nervous rhythms. Students rush for classes from am till pm. There is only a two hours break in the afternoon. In spite of that, a pile of tutorials and assignments waiting to be completed by time. This is the most challenge thing that I have gone through. It’s stressful! Life is full of challenge. I trust myself and I believe that I can take over all the coming challenges. My target is to score with flying colors so that my dream will come true. Please bless me to be strong enough.

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