The Goal To Make Successful College Life Assignment

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First, I believe that experience of the past is component that composes future life. Do not have doubt that great experience leads me to great life. In my case, I had many goals such as entrance examination, college life, even love. However, most of goals was concluded to failure. Especially college life is first step to enter into society as adult, and was shocked. I was shrouded despair, and lose confidence because my life seem like full of failure. Nevertheless, I decide to restart in LISA. I take another step towards society with great experience.

In order to leave college life as good experience, great college life is essential elements. Second, I will decide order of priority for successful college life. Successful college life is long-term goal. Most important thing for long-term goal is first step as though fastening a first button of dress shirt is important. At first start stage, it is best to start with priority setting. Need to know what I need for goals, and I should solve primarily problem. For example, there are relationship with friends and assignments. In my case, assignment is on rarity because successful college life is purpose.

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Of course, relationship is also important, but I need to think what is more important. As mentioned earlier, my first goals is successful college life, so will set priority such as preparation, attendance, and assignment Finally, will prepare transfer. Once I have completed a college course, I will be able to get chance of transfer. For the transfer, I need to know which class need, and I complete the courses required by the University. Then, can transfer. Actually, I did not decide major yet. I just listen required courses of DDCD.

When decide major, I will make a plan of transfer such as due date of transfer, what credit is recognized, and etc. For example, if I want to go A&M University, I need to listen courses required by A&M University. In summary, I will adjust myself based on past experience, and make order of priority. Then, I will make preparations for transfer. I know that I am international student, so feel unfamiliar all of USA life involved college life. However, I also know that I will challenge and try hard constantly. As proverb quotes, “Little strokes fell great oaks. ” I will prepare little strokes for my college life.

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