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Plan ahead. Do not wait until the assignment is due to try to complete it. All assignments are open one week before the due date. You will not have time to ask questions, nor will you have time to react in case of the unforeseen if you are not completing assignments on time. Mark off your assignments as you complete them. Before you mark off an assignment, double check that it posted. Please make sure you are happy with your assignments BEFORE you post them. People get confused when students post an assignment multiple times. Workshops cannot be made up for any reason.

You must be present and active in class to participate in workshops. If an emergency prevents you from being able to participate in workshop, you can earn partial credit by posting your workshop paper in the discussion forum if two people respond with your feedback (you must request me to open a UDF for you BEFORE the missed workshop). The first two people to post the feedback can earn SEC for doing so. From the Daily category, I will drop the lowest grade at the end of the course. This will help to make up for an assignment you miss or on which you do not do well.

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I advise oh to correct your essays (as a new “corrected” file) as you get feedback so you are not swamped for the Final Portfolio. This way, you will already have most of the work completed while it is fresh. I plan for instructional time during scheduled class periods. If you miss a class or part of a class, it is your responsibility to seek out fellow students to find out what you missed. Deadlines do not get extended if you miss class. August Monday Wednesday 25 syllabuses (DEL, Kilometers) Responsibility Why 101 , Course Overview Assignments, Calendar AAA : Syllabus Quiz before 8:30 am next class

AAA: Syllabus Addendum Quiz before 8:30 am next class AAA: Info Sheet to Dropped before 8:30 am next class AAA: LOG into Kilometers 27 End Add/Drop tomorrow Go over Insist Go over ND Introductions, My intro AS: Insist Registration AND Test Submission due before 8:30 am next class AAA: Post to ND Introductions DIP by noon Friday Respond to ND Introduction DIP before 8:30 am next class ICE : Scavenger Hunt due before 8:30 am next class Due to the Add/Drop period, assignments to here will be open past the due date and time to accommodate students who add the class late.

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