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Organization Priorities Identify the current health policy priorities for your state nurses association. Identify the benefits that could come to you, your community, health care consumers in the district, and other members of the nursing profession if proposed priorities were supported. Develop a plan of action to educate your state senators and representatives about these priorities. The Florida Nurses Association (FAN) Is Involved In a couple legislative related projects that I found on their website.

Firstly, I found the Fan’s position on the expansion of Medicaid. In the document provided on their website there Is lot of background Information on Medical and how this would affect the population (FAN, 2012). While this legislative topic has already been addressed, I still thought It would be useful to discuss. I found another bill, H. R. 5113, which alms to end the Increased federal funding for Medicaid expansion with respect to Inmates hospital care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (FAN, 2014).

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As the FAN already supported the expansion, I find this would contradict their previously stated position on Medicaid expansion. Personally, I do think this bill should be supported. As a nurse, I cannot see the fairness of removing coverage of individuals who are inmates. To educate my state senators and representatives on my position, I would plan to write them a letter. I would write my letter Just as we did for one of our assignments. After that assignment I feel as though I can accomplish a lot more than I could before hen it comes to writing professional letters.

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