Professional Ethics Module Assignment

Professional Ethics Module Assignment Words: 333

The objective of this unit is to demonstrate what you have learned while working through the Professional Ethics module. Please tell us, in your own words, about that experience and how that might make you a better accountant. We expect no more than about 250 words, and we will be monitoring your response. Please note that your learning statement must be a personal reflection on the learning you have gained from the module.

This must be your own work and must not be plagiarisms. Professional ethics module has without a doubt given me an insight to not just the theoretical side of the ethics but how to deal with various potential real issues at work. Ethics is a series of principles that requires an individual to choose between right or wrong. In a difficult situation, accountants might be tempted to make a wrong choice which In result can have serious negative Impact on their career or even expulsion from being an COCA member.

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Therefore it is vital to understand principles aid by the COCA Rule Book and knowledge of accounting standards. In addition, I came to know the difference between Rules based vs.. Principle based approach when facing the complex ethical dilemmas. In Rule based approach, we tend to look for anything that stops us from doing certain task when in doubt. Whereas Principle based approach is more flexible and considers new scenarios. As a professional accountant, I intend to use the Principle based approach.

This module has refreshed my knowledge on Professional Behavior, Integrity, Competence & Due Care, Confidentiality and Objectivity. It has also given me the confidence to deal with a difficult situation and I am fully aware of the support available from the dedicated Sac’s helpline. If I ever come across a situation where I feel intimidated or pressurized from my peers I will make sure that do the right thing and deal with the situation in a professional manner.

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