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Chamberlain College of Nursing. Transcript Organization and Time Management Starting a new venture can be exciting and challenging. You’re pleased to begin a new phase In your life, yet concerned about how you’ll handle all of the new responsibilities. You may already have a Job, family. And other commitments, and now you’ve added school to the list. Are there enough hours in the day?

One way to answer this question is to take a serious look at how much time you Penn working, sleeping, caring for your family, and engaging in outside activities. Ask yourself what could be consolidated, eliminated, or delegated to someone else to allow you more time for school. The Question As a nurse, you already have many organizational and time management skills that you put to use every day in your job. Think about your skills, and then click to view the answer.

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Your Answer The Expert Says If you are a staff nurse, each morning you check the assignment board to see which tenants you’ll care for that day, gather your report sheets, and enter the conference room. You’ll listen to reports focusing on the Important issues and Jotting down notes to help you remember the Items later In the day. Chances are that you have a system for taking report that even involves writing the important issues in certain locations on your report sheet for easy retrieval later. As you leave the conference room, you’re thinking about meds due in the next hour and organizing your medication cart.

You aka rounds on your patients and do assessments next. Whether you use a written list or a mental one, you’ve already determined what Important events need to be taken care of during your shift. Who Is going to surgery and needs the preoperative checklist completed? Who is going home and needs discharge teaching and confirmation of transportation? Who is a flirt-day posts patient and needs the dressing changed and to be up in a chair? Who needs blood? On top of all that, you’re prepared for the unexpected admissions or emergencies.

You know who your aide is for the day and what you’ll be delegating to that person. You then remember that you have a staff meeting at 1 p. M. , so you’ll need to plan your schedule a little differently today to make time to attend that Important meeting. The day doesn’t end when you’re done at work. Tonight is your son’s hockey game, so you’ll be there after work. See? You already have much experience organizing and managing your time! How can you use all those great skills to promote success as an online student? Compare

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