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For the purposes of this case study you should regard yourself as a consultant who specialties In producing solutions for people resounding problems either identified by your corporate clients or proactively teased out tater preliminary discussions about developing scenarios that are beginning to cause concern but which have not yet escalated to the point where urgent action Is required.

One of the organizations that have frequently called upon your services is a large, urban municipal authority, whose Human Resources (HER) Director has Just briefed you for what she hopes you WI accept as your next assignment. With her agreement, you have recorded her words and have now transcribed them so that you can respond professionally to her requirements. Our authority,” she began, “prides itself on attracting the best talent and for many years we’ve run a very successful training scheme for both graduate entrants and also non-graduates who hope ultimately to aspire to achieve at least one of the professional qualifications conventionally found throughout the public sector. Competition for places on our scheme Is always fierce and we believe that the reader and depth of training we provide is acknowledged as something of a gold standard, not Just among local authorities but also within the labor market as a whole.

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The scheme typically Includes a number of rotational condiments and assignments, with between three and six weeks spent in a range of departments; periodically the progress of all trainees is assessed and evaluated, and they receive careful coaching and guidance, plus psychometric evaluations, to enable us ultimately to place them in suitably challenging positions suited to their talents, references and vocational aspirations. Virtually all our newly qualified trainees settle in well and make an impact in whatever part of the organization they join. However, a recent analysis of the retention rate for these trainees has made uncomfortable reading for me. It seems that a large number benefit from the trialing but then depart for higher salaries or prospects elsewhere – often into the private sector, into outsourcing businesses or one of the consultancies that specialist in public-service contracts. Despite being afforded every opportunity to progress wealth y business, the reality Is that too few of them see us as a job for life’ or even as a job for a decade. Indeed, it seems that for many we are merely the first rung on their personal career ladder.

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