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All parties involved in Sacs need ongoing training in a variety of skills ND activities including how to organism their ICC meetings, how to carry out statistical analysis and the use of various problem-solving tools. C. To encourage employees to participate and to develop a climate of competition between groups, adequate publicity must be given to group activities. D. A suitable reward system which may include financial and norm-financial rewards to encourage workers to willingly participate. 2.

What is the role of the employer and what is the role of the employee in developing an employee’s career? (10 marks) Employer’s roles The employer plays a major role in developing an employee’s career. The employer can assess the Interests and abilities of the employee, usually through an assessment centre which may be conducted In-house or may be contracted out to a consultant with the appropriate expertise. The employer can provide career counseling so that the employee knows what career paths are available in the organization.

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The company can facilitate the employee’s movement along these career paths by providing suitable training and assignments which may include transfers and condiments. The employee’s role is to analyses his strengths, weaknesses and interests so that he an decide what development interventions would be useful. The employee needs to undertake training assignments and carry them out to the best of his or her ablest. 3. Compare quality control circles (ICC) to suggestion scheme. 10 marks) Suggestion scheme Membership Workers work in the same department or different departments but carrying out similar Jobs. Mostly production or those directly involved with organization’s service Non-managerial, non-executive level workers Size 5 – 15 workers 1 (individual worker)

Initiate discussions with key managers to choose which schemes would be most suitable for their organization. B. Invite consultants and other external experts to train key people in how to introduce the chosen scheme. C. Organism training for all employees so that they will be able to participate effectively in the scheme. D. Choose and implement appropriate rewards to encourage employee participation in the quality improvement schemes. E. Promote and inform the workforce about the successes and progress of the schemes through a variety of media including online and paper bulletins.

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