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Apply the negative and interrogative transformation. 1. Many students try too hard to obtain high grades. 2. They have 3 children. 3. He could have been questioned by the police. 4. Open the door. 2. Underline and label the sentence elements and put the optional sentence elements in brackets. 1 . The doctor cancelled all appointments. 2. The difference became quite clear later. 3. The professor certified the exam valid. 4. The minister pronounced the couple husband and wife. 5. DNA recombination is the transfer of pieces of DNA from one type of organism to another. 6. Without federal aid, New York will soon be bankrupt. That perfume smells sweet. 8. The new mayor quietly celebrated New Year’s Eve in Manhattan with a few close friends. 9. The worker suspected of stealing told his employers a number of lies. 10. The imposition of new taxes is unpopular everywhere. 11. We have known each other since school. 12. The store is allowing senior citizens a 20 percent discount. 13. John is cooking his John is cooking his family dinner tonight. 14. On the way, he described certain landmarks. 15. The doctors kept the patients alive. 3. Identify and circle the optional sentence elements if any, and determine their syntactic functions. 1 .

The lawyer vigorously defended her client. 2. I invested all my savings in the stock market. 3. On Friday evenings, fewer people are in the museum. 4. The Museum of Fine Arts is located in Boston. 5. The next day, the mayor was formally inaugurated on the steps of the city hall. 6. The robbers hid the money where no one could find it. 7. She put the books in the bag quickly. 8. He drove his car into the garage. 9. They have been living in that house for years. 10. He grew his hair long when he was a student. 11. However, they convinced him in the end. 12. My friend from England has Just arrived from Japan. 13.

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They live in a remote corner of Scotland. 14. A very interesting film is being shown at our local cinema. 15. I hit my knee on the corner of the table. 16. His name on the cover of the book will set it in no time. 4. Determine the category of the verbs. 1. He told me his name. 2. He seems rather worried. 3. Please show me your passport. 4. We elected him chairman unanimously. 5. The customs officer declared the passport invalid. 6. His success made him very conceited. 7. He laid his shirt on the chair. 8. The children are eating apples. 9. They inhabit the northern part of the country. 10. It is raining heavily. . She lives in the centre of the town. 12. The upstairs tenant seemed a reliable person. 13. He keeps a picture of his children on his desk. 14. He met the man in the picture in town. 15. The history teacher gave her students an assignment about the Second World War. 16. He has forwarded the letters this morning. 17. Your little brother must have come late. A student has come to complain about that teacher. 20. John will probably go inside. 21 . The boy and the girl in the corner are behaving disgracefully. 22. The Jury will probably find the defendant guilty. 23. You might get me into trouble. 24.

I suddenly remembered something / that I had an appointment. 25. Can you give them something to make them happy? 5. Identify the word class (Noun, Verb, AUXiliary, ADJective, ADVerb, Pronoun, PREPosition, Conjunction, DETerminer) of the underlined items in the following. 1. If he does that, he’s an idiot. 2. There are many ifs and buts in this contract. 3. She is a very iffy girl. 4. What is the restaurant like? 5. Although he studied hard, he didn’t pass the exam. 6. We’ll have to finish the Job, however long it takes. 7. No, thank you. Vive had more than enough. 8. I’ll give you double the price. 9.

I am so happy that you finally made it. 10. Each student was given a letter. 11. The shop is Just round the corner. 12. Whose is this house? 13. She called him in order to apologies. 14. That may be true. 15. She is a student of art. 16. His flat is no bigger than mine. 17. I have no money. 18. None of these books is mine. 19. Do it as I showed you. 20. He worked as a bus driver for two years. 21 . The children are running around. 22. It is Just around the corner. 23. Where is he? 24. She is friendly. 25. The shop closes for lunch. 26. Please wait until they get ready. 27. She and her mother are very close. 8.

Please come closer. 29. The meeting was brought to a close. 30. Whose car is this? 31. I think that you are right. 32. Run along children! -a very beautiful book by a famous author -very carefully -very careful -must have been sitting -nearly ready – on all occasions – all the boys in the class – should have told 6. 2. Find all the phrases, circle their heads and identify their types. 1 . The man at the corner acted very strangely. 7. Label the sentences according to assertion. If non-assertive, identify the non- assertive item. 1. I hardly have any friends. 2. Do you have much work to do? 3. Nobody called, did they? 4.

None of us have passed the exam yet. 5. If you need any help, please let me know. 6. Unless you have anything more to say, the matter is closed. 7. We still have some food left. 8. She has already finished her thesis. 9. I seldom go out with my friends. 10. Tom knows a lot about art. 11 . You cannot park on either side of the road. 12. Haven’t you sent your application? 8. Label the underlined items as sedative or dynamic. 1. Smell this milk. Does it smell bad? 2. We are having a party. 3. I have two brothers. 4. I cannot answer the question. I don’t know the answer. . He is usually well-behaved, but now he is Just being silly. . I am seeing the manager tomorrow. 7. The bottle holds 2 liters. 8. Hold this for a minute please. 9. I am getting tired. Could you get me a chair? 10. Use the appropriate pro-forms. They will not make this proposal legal. B: I hope too. 2. I’m feeling tired. So 3. Vive never been to Africa. Neither 4. I couldn’t get up this morning. 5. I didn’t know that Ann was in hospital. Nor country. 7. I like my Job more than John either. . 6. I like living in the * Label individual words according to their parts of speech, then identify the humanistic structures(phrases and clause) they are grouped into: 1 .

Your sister answered the tricky question very cautiously. 2. The building at the corner is the nicest building in town. 3. He promised her all the help he could give her. 4. Peter poured a few drops of the precious liquid into the glass. 5. What he does in his free time is his own business. 6. Nervous parents can treat young children badly. 7. The students looked totally exhausted the morning after the party. 8. She has been living at this address since she got married. 9. The girl in the dress told everyone present that she was an actress. 0.

His arrogant attitude made all the people at the meeting furious. Sent. Elements and identify their function, – put the optional sent. Elements in brackets, d -determine the structure of the sent. Elements and circle the phrase heads determine the type of verbs: 1 . The members of the board asked the applicants the same questions. 2. Last week, the girl really promised she would finish her paper by today. 3. The government proclaimed the day a public holiday. 4. The woman in the elegant black dress may be lying. 5. John Smith became the youngest member of the executive board.

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