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Though I was onto member, I attended APP tutoring for math, physics, chemistry, English- you name it. In the math room, I would find myself grasping concepts well and helping other classmates with Weber and homework assignments. The APP program has grown close to my heart and the connections and friendships I have formed because Of it will remain well past my undergraduate career. As an APP summer tutor and/or tutor counselor wish to gain experience with teaching since I am strongly considering a career in education.

I have much to offer if hired for this position. Am a highly motivated student with strong time management skills. Eave never missed a class and/or an assignment in any class at Union. I look forward to helping the incoming APP students with academics as well as time management skills and acclimation to the college atmosphere. Adapting to the college lifestyle can be challenging, as I have determined from personal experience, and I would enjoy helping students navigate this excitingly demanding time.

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Being a Union College gatekeeper has also enhanced my public speaking skills. As a very personable and outgoing person, I am largely a team player and enjoy working with others. I believe that working with others is the most effective way to learn. Alee the one-on-one collaborations as well as group efforts to solve a problem. Tutoring offers a unique opportunity to work closely with students to help them understand the material, something that have excelled at doing with classmates in current courses.

As a result of taking academics very seriously, I have excelled in both of my fields of study. However, this is not to say have not struggled at times with the material. Both mathematics and chemistry are challenging, especially for those who are more interested in non-math or science majors. I realize that there will be times where students will struggle with material and I am well quipped to handle such situations. Because have struggled with the material myself am better prepared to guide students through similar challenges.

In addition to being a personable, hard-working student, I would also describe myself as a motivating person, encouraging others to strive toward their goals. The position Of an APP summer tutor is primarily to aid students academically, yet, also holds a mentoring component. I value the role of a mentor very strongly, as have had several in my academic career and personal life. Aspire to accommodate students with whatever needs they ay possess and be a source of both academic and emotional support.

I anticipate that this APP summer tutoring opportunity will be extremely advantageous in allowing me to (1 ) promote the early success of and (2) form valuable connections with the incoming APP Class of 2016. Additionally, this opportunity has the potential to strengthen my teaching skills and provide experience to deliberate between several possible career aspirations. Given my initial positive exposure to the APP program it would mean a lot to me to have the opportunity to become an effective contributor to the APP family.

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