Marketing segmentation Assignment

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Women ride scooters back on Indian roads 1 . PAT (UP 69-70) 2. TTT,3rd July,2012 PPTP 1 . Understand the concept of micro environment for a business organization and the role/influence of its stakeholders 2. Explain how the various components of the macro environment influence the market dynamics, taking the examples of apparel and two-wheeler industries. 5 Building Customer Satisfaction Assignment 1 :Due for submission(5 Marks) Lexus: Delighting customers after the sale ( puppy-135) 5 of ASK&J (Rd) 1 . Concept of customer value and satisfaction 2.

Strategies for customer retention Analyzing Consumer Markets Super Shampoo Products (CO) 50TH PPTP 4 1 . How is the decision making done by rural consumers for an FMC product like shampoo? 2. What are the main findings of the survey carried out by Mr. Panamanian? 1 . Explain the consumer buyer behavior model 2. Describe the major types of buying behavior and the stages in the buyer decision making process 8&9 Analyzing Business Markets Cummins India: Consumer Driven Modularization Strategy (CO) 1 . Latently the factors that influence customers’ purchase decision for a Gadgets 2.

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What was Cummins strategy to penetrate the market? 1 . Explain how business markets differ from consumer markets 2. Identify the major factors that influence business buyer behavior 3. Describe the business buying decision process 10&11 Segmentation ‘(10 Marks) PPTP 1 . Understand the different levels of market segmentation 2. Understand the bases for market segmentation 3. Discuss the strategies for effective segmentation 12 Shoppers Stop: Targeting the Young(CO) 1 . Should Shoppers Stop (AS) target young adults only? 2. How can AS reach young adults in titer and tier 3 cities? Understand how a company chooses the most attractive target markets 2. Explain focusing, inching and mass customization strategies 13&14 Differentiation& Positioning Milliner: Dove Real Beauty Campaign (CO) 1 . Discuss the differentiation and positioning strategies of Dove Real Beauty and their effectiveness. 2. Are there any contradictions/loop holes in the Dove Real Beauty campaign? Discuss. 1 . Discuss how companies differentiate and position their products for maximum competitive advantage in the market place 2. Understand how the positioning strategy is communicated to the market 1 5

Mid-Semester Exam (20 Marks) Guest Lecture 17&18 Product Strategy TIC Foods Growth and Future Prospects(CO) 2. Chapter 12 ASK&J 1 . “We want to become the number one food company in India in the next five years” Discuss how the product strategy of TIC Food Division supports the above statement of intent of Mr.. Rave Unaware, Chief Executive 1 . Understand different product levels 2. Discuss how companies manage their product mix and product lines 3. Explain how packaging and labeling can be used effectively to add value to customers 19&20 Developing New Products

Assignment 2:Due for submission(5 Marks) Nothing micro about MicroVAX(CO) Compiled from Published Reports 1 . Discuss the new product development strategies of MicroVAX. 2. Are there any weaknesses/gaps in their strategy? 1 . Understand new product development process.

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