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GONG Is one of the leading telecommunication companies In Pakistan; It was the first International brand of China mobile or CAMPS In Pakistan, who carried out cellular services In Pakistan. It was launched In Pakistan In 2008; later on, In 2011 It had a subscriber base of 13. 2 million. GONG s’ mall competitor was Boone. Boone has already achieved huge success In market shares. In starting days, ZOON achieved lots of customer concentration because low rates calls, message packages etc but gradually Its market shares lost its place because of GONG networking connectivity. Mostly customers left

GONG due to connectivity problem. Customers also complain about their other services e. G. Facing difficulty in receiving text messages. Gaps setting problems, call dropped during call etc. – See more at: http://vi. Piscatorial. Com/maggot-strategic; management-assignment-2-solution-spring-2013/#stash. Evidence. Duff Market Penetration Defined Market penetration is both a measure and a strategy. A business will utilize a market penetration strategy to attempt to enter a new market. The goal is to get in quickly with your product or service and capture a large share of the market.

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Market penetration is also a measure of the percentage of the market that your product or service is able to capture. Market Penetration Tactics Aggressive pricing is a very common tactic. You can use penetration pricing, which is setting the price of your product or services lower than that of your competitors. This strategy may work well in price-sensitive markets. You may be able to maintain a decent level of profits due to the volume of sales decreasing your costs per unit for the product. Additionally, once you have obtained your market share goal and have achieved a sufficient level of brand loyalty, you may be able to increase prices.

You can also achieve market penetration through aggressive marketing campaigns and distribution strategies. For example, you may saturate the market with an aggressive advertising campaign consisting of TV, radio and direct mailing ads. You may also penetrate the market by saturating your product In the market. For example, In some cities, It seems there’s a Struck on every street corner. Advantages of Market Penetration Advantages of market penetration pricing Include: It may cause quick diffusion and adoption of your product In the market.

If your product Is cheap enough and of salary quality to competing products, It should spread out Into the market and be purchased by customers quickly. It may create goodwill among the first customers that purchase the product due to the aggressive thinner profit margins due to the aggressive pricing. *Efficiency will be needed to maintain profitability. It may discourage competitors from entering the market. If there is high product turnover for a distributor due to fast sales, it may help create enthusiasm for your product from the distributors of the product, such as retailers.

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