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Internet penetration in Malaysia has increased steadily in the past 10 years, either through computers or mobile phones. Internet penetration refers to the percent of the population using the internet. It clearly means the number of people In Malaysia that have been using the internet since the internet was introduced to Malaysia In 1995. From that point on the internet usage of Malaysian has Increased rapidly since 1995. Internet penetration in Malaysia has been divided Into two groups. That Is, Household and non household Internet usage.

Household Internet usage for example, Individual using the Internet at home or barnacles that use the Internet at home. Non household Internet usage for example, people who surf the Internet In cyber cafes and convenient areas with free WI-IF such as Mac Donaldson and Struck. People that use household Internet usually do their work at home. Non Household Internet users are usually Individuals that do their work or research out of their homes. So why do people rely so much on the internet so much it’s because, people want to connect, people want to discover, people want to be heard. Everything now is lust at the tip of your fingers.

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According to Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Ducat Abdullah Hussy, there are 25. 3 million internet users in Malaysia or represents 89 per cent of the Malaysia’s population. They had surfed up to 1. 3 billion of websites with an average of 1. 7 website per day. This statistic shows high penetration of Internet in the country. The internet was introduced to Malaysia in 1995. The usage of the internet in Malaysia increased in the year 2000. The usage of the internet then grew at a rapid pace from the year 2003 to 2007 due to the growth of search engines. For example,

Yahoo, Google and our very own Malaysian search engine, Carl Internet. Because of these search engine a lot of people are using the Internet to do their research, work, assignments and self enjoyments. Before the Introduction of the Internet people would normally search for Information through books, surveys, Interviews with the researching source and research Journals. After the search engines were Introduced In Malaysia, a lot of Malaysian rely on them because It Is easier than researching through a bunch of books Just to find a single strand of Information. In other terms, Internet made Information sharing easier for the human race.

After the introduction of the search engines, a lot of Malaysian banks have made a websites for online banking purposes to insure that clients have smoother transactions. Before online banking was introduced people had to cue up in the bank deposit money, transfer money to other accounts, pay bills, renew road taxes and also apply for loans. The types of banks that switch to online banking for example are, Public banks internet website is BE-banking, and Mbabane is Manfully. Com and bankrolls. Biz. With the introduction of these websites, online credit transaction not only becomes easier but also safer and much more reliable.

The Malaysian society thought of it as a big development/innovation in the society because it Just appeared on that year. That’s the reason a lot of people apply for the internet because of this very useful tool on the internet. People don’t even have to step out of their homes if they need to do any transactions. E-learning on the other hand have made a large debut to the Malaysian society on the internet and it made lives in Malaysia easier especially students. Students now do not need to rely on tutor, tuitions and extra classes anymore because it is so much easier to learn through E-learning sites.

Parents don’t need to spend extra money on sending their children for classes that cost a lot. Teachers and lecturers can also gain more free time and can upload online tutorials and quizzes that can be marked and checked online. For example, students can access any information from any specific lecturer or teacher that they want to. Students do not need to waste time on meeting their lecturers and dinging out sources from their lecturers because everything that the lecturer teaches will be uploaded on the website. Furthermore, the types of Malaysian E-learning sites for example are Academia. Du and Gleaning. My. Online shopping or in other words “E-shopping”, made a large leap in the Malaysian internet market. It made shopping for the Malaysian society more convenient because you can find anything you want online. For example, materialistic items not only locally but also globally. Consumers Just need to go online and search for the item that they want to find rather than flipping through a large catalogue. E- shopping is not only for the sale of materialistic items but also the sale of automobiles and property for example, selling cars, motorcycles and land.

The websites for example are delegates. Com. My, reawaken. Com. Y, madam. Com. My, long. Com. My and superbly. My. As of the years from 2002 to late 2006 the accessible of internet in Malaysia increased rapidly because the introduction of E-banking, E-shopping, search engines and E-learning made the ever growing Malaysian society astounded all the new tools that contributed to the Malaysian society to become more convenient. In the years 2007 to late 2009, the graph shown that the internet usage stayed stagnant, because the hype of the internet went down due to the slow growth of developing websites.

For example, people in those years don’t have very reliable internet speed. Due to that people stop using the internet regularly and that contributes to why the penetration of internet was so stagnant in those years. The first internet service provider in Malaysia was Jarring which was using copper cables that are very unreliable and slow. In addition not every area has internet service. At that time a lot of rural areas don’t have any source of internet. People living in those areas would normally need to go to the nearest city to get internet access.

Some don’t even care to get internet access therefore not much internet Furthermore, the increase of price of items in the market for example computers Hereford people cannot afford them and not much people view computers as a necessity at that time because many things were still in the traditional way, through phone calls, DVD purchasing and album buying before the internet expanded in Malaysia. Besides that, internet service was really expensive to afford at that time compared to know.

For example, if you purchase a package of mob internet service it’ll cost you more than a hundred ringing, that’s why not many people rely on internet that much because of the high pricing. Other than that, the bandwidth which is the speed of the internet was really unreliable at that time. People had to wait for more than 5 minutes for a page to be viewed and a single video of low resolution took half an hour to forty minutes to buffer. So people got tired of waiting and Just continued with the conventional way of purchasing magazines, books and DVD’s.

Furthermore, movie downloading wasn’t popular coo of the speed at that time so people Just stuck with going to the cinema and buying expensive CDC. More over, the internet wasn’t much of a place for people to hangout and interact but Just a place of research and reading. There weren’t much social networks that people could interact with and share thoughts and moments. Conclusion, 2007 to late 2009 there was not much internet penetration because of the affordability of computers, internet service and the bandwidth of the internet.

In the year 2010 to 2012 increase rapidly again because of social networking sites because it can connect you with your friends and family because before that the social networking sites only can post something on your wall and let people to see but now you can interact with them. For example, before Backbone came out you can only use Friends but Friends can only post pictures, videos, events and post tutees but after Backbone came out you can interact with the people who are online and video call them.

There is more interaction in Backbone then Friends that’s why the internet penetration increases. Other than that, social networking sites included games in inside like for example, Farm Vile, Mafia Wars, Backyard Monster, Football Manager and Tetras Battle, with this games it attracted allot of people because you can play with other Backbone users. This really contributed allot in the increase of internet penetration. In addition to that social networking sites really dad communication easier because you can chat, video and voice call all around the world.

For example, if you have relatives are overseas if you contact them using your mobile phone your payment on your telephone bill will increase double charge rather than your local’s calls but if you use the internet you can stay in contact with them in a more cheaper rates. The types of social networking sites and video call are Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, Tumbler, Keep, Vivo, Tango and Fiber. People without using your mobile credit but you can use you mobile internet data such APS are called Weight, Watchstrap Cotton, Line, and Cello.

It is more fun and interactive to use those kinds of APS rather than your simple SMS. Besides that, those music sharing sites and movie downloading sites made everything more cheaply because people can download their favorite songs and movie from the internet rather than buying them. Those sites really save cost and budgets rather than buying the real album that maybe cost about ARMS if it is original if for those pirated CD will cost about ARM. Furthermore, people nowadays can get extremely cheap internet service, for example 4 gigabytes cost 60 to 70 ringing compared to years before.

Now not only internet service is available for amputees but there are also internet service packages for mobile service providers which come together with the mobile bill, especially teenagers use these kinds of services to access the internet. Mobile internet services are also very reliable and can be used anywhere and anytime as long as there is a stable cellular line. Youth has made such a large impact on since the year 2010 and has propelled Malaysian such as, Jinn boy, Mat Lutes and Joseph Germane to stardom due to growing audiences online.

Malaysian have been viewing 40 – 55 million Youth videos on a daily basis ever since the internet accessibility has improved in the year 009. People have been broadcasting themselves and posting their own unique videos to the internet and it contributes our beautiful Malaysian culture. People have then been interacting with Malaysian culture ever since Malaysian Youth stars rose into stardom and interacted with international Woodcutters. Youth has indeed been a large contribution to the internet penetration in Malaysia.

In conclusion of the internet penetration for the past 10 years, (2002-2012) Malaysia has indeed showed a massive leap in modernization. Malaysian have indeed fully utilized the internet ever since it was introduced in the year 1995. The Malaysian government has predicted in the year 2013 that the internet penetration in Malaysia will increase another due to the modernization of the country, smart phones, internet service package will decrease in price and the increase of mobile APS.

So we as the children of Malaysia need to continue to use the internet to our potential to push our country to further modernization and success. Internet to mitigate its negative impacts. State your stand clearly and Justify your answers. ” And after our discussion we all agreed on that “No” is our answer because why should information be kept from the public. The problem of having the internet censored is there is someone who is censoring it. If multiple governments or committees who are censoring the internet, the internet will be very regulated.

For example, if there is something on the internet that the government doesn’t want us to know they will censor it from us and end up giving us what they want us to know. It’s like giving us a bit of the information and the rest they are not allowing us to know. The internet is the fastest way to send any information through the tip of your fingers, if the government censors anything that we post on and social networking ties , blobbing or emailing any information that we want to share to our friends or families that the government dislikes they will censor it and only giving the tip of the information .

For example, the foreigner that are working in Malaysia without any identification or qualification and a person posted it on the social networking sites but the government censor it because afraid of the news leaking out to more people around Malaysia and to other countries because it will make the Malaysia government look desperate for work, that’s why the Malaysian government censors it.

If the Malaysian government censors everything on the internet, it’s going to be hard for anybody in Malaysia to find information for their studies, research, and assignments. For example, if a student is doing an assignment about the wars accruing in the Middle East but the government doesn’t want the public to access such information, it will be hard for the student to collect information for their assignment.

Gaining information will be very difficult would for an individual. Yes we have research Journals and books related to such topics, but how much information an we dig out from books , it will takes us a month to collect data that we need for an assignment , if with internet it will only take us a few hours only . That’s why the internet is so important because it makes our lives as a university student more easier compare to the previous years without internet.

Another things is if the Malaysian government censor the internet, they are the only person who knows about anything that is happening around the world, and this will make our country Malaysia a bit out dated because any information that is sent to us from other entry will be filtered out by the government and we will only know a bit only. For example, if we got any friends from other countries that want to send something to us via email but before the email reached it will be filtered out by the government because some of the information inside the government doesn’t want us to know and feasting on the main meal.

This will end up making us the Malaysian society outdated from all the new that is happening in other countries. The next point is , if the government filters out any bad comment in our Malaysia organization like for example, the tourism industries , education industries , market industries , export and import industries and public transportation industries , and only giving us the good comment .

How can we excel forward if we don’t learn from our mistakes if the government keep giving us the good comments from other countries only and don’t give us the bad ones? For example, if a tourist came to Malaysia to have a vacation and went back, after the tourist reached home he gave comments on the Malaysian tourism industries and the public transportation industries on his blob, social networking sites or any Malaysian industries feedback sites, some good and bad comments.

Then the Malaysian government compile everything and filtered out the bad and only giving the tourism and the public transportation industries the good comment, this will make that industries not excelling forward to becoming better, that’s why some bad comments are good because of those bad comments we change and become more efficient in those industries.

If the government censor the internet it’s like taking away our freedom of speech because some people they would normally post or blob it in the social networking sites but if the Malaysian government filters out everything that we post or voice out on the internet it’s like living in a country that is ruled by dictatorship. For example , a man that is afraid to voice out in a crowd, the only way for him to voice out is through posting it on Face book or blobbing it, but if the government think it is inappropriate they will filtered it out and that mans freedom of speech has been taken from him.

How can a person live in a country that he can’t even voice out on the internet? Where are the human rights? We wouldn’t be classified as humans if we don’t have our rights given to us. We would be like caged animals with food being tossed to us. Only being allowed to act at certain times and on certain things. If the government censors the internet it would mean that they be putting the public on a leash and taking all our rights away from us. The government censoring certain parts of the internet which they claimed are “illegal”, maybe manipulated by the party that is in power.

Websites that are saying bad and inappropriate, like stating the party is unfit to run the countries and it is true but those parties can tell the government to filter it out but leaving those other websites that are running against them, this is making it uneven and unfair because it is giving the specific party a head start. For example, party A has control on the government but party B doesn’t, then party A told the government to censor out everything about their party but only leaving the good part but for party B that has news about party B will be left on the internet for everybody to view upon.

This will make it unfair for any election in Malaysia because it is ‘dirty. I can say with most certain that , as a human we all have the rights for the freedom of speech , censorship of the web is not now or it will ever be a good idea , people have rights. Another right is that we have the right to know about anything, the government has o power to take our intellectual rights. That why we must set a certain boundaries to the government so that we still have our human rights in this countries.

In conclusion the internet is an important tool in our daily lives in this modern generation, don’t care if you are young or old we all use the internet for certain thing and we rely too much on the internet now a days, if the government took away our rights to surf the internet it’s like taking away our rights to breath fresh air. The internet is not supposed to be censor because it is our right to search for anything. If the government is afraid of children who are using the internet and accidentally opening any porn sites, it’s not the government Job to prevent this; this is a Job for their parent who is at home.

If we the Malaysian society let our government to censor the internet we are giving them almost unlimited power. The world today as we know it runs on the internet if we give the government control of that they are in control of our lives. The internet is a resource for almost everything that we can imagine. Although things on the internet are not always appropriate or some users or all users, we think it is important to allow freedom of speech.

We do not believe the internet is the issue, we as the users of the internet must take responsibility for our actions. Just because a few people said that it’s good for our next generation but we must determine what is and isn’t appropriate for us. In addition to this the internet helps us allot academically and medically, there may be times when we have to do research certain things that may require us to see what one may call inappropriate; however this research and information is needed for the good of studies .

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