Management Process, Importance of Human Resource Management, the Difference Between Line Authority and Staff Authority, Assignment

Management Process, Importance of Human Resource Management, the Difference Between Line Authority and Staff Authority, Assignment Words: 965

1. Management process requires five basic functions to efficiently accomplish the objectives of an organization. The five basic functions are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. I. Planning:- Planning is the process of creating the business vision, mission and objectives and how it will be accomplished. When planning, one has to view the organization such as its mission, goals, and techniques as such what things they want to accomplish at the end. Creating a proper planning process that fits the needs is important in attaining the objectives or goals of an organization.

II. Organizing: – Organizing is arranging the internal structure of the organization. Personnel and equipment are arranged so that units or individuals accomplish their task in the most efficient ways. The managers distribute the authority to do some jobholders. III. Staffing: – Qualified people are positioned to be in the organization in order to achieve the objectives or the goals. To recruit the staffs, people are first hired, trained, and evaluated whether they pass or not before compensating them to a specific task. IV.

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Leading: – Leading the staffs and personnel to accomplish goals and direct the organization in a more efficient way. Proper leadership, group dynamics, communication, motivations and discipline stimulate higher performance among the staff and management personnel. V. Controlling: – Controlling ensures that the plans created during the planning process are implemented properly. Creating is the last process of creating performance standards based on the organization objectives. 2. Human Resource Management is important because it can make the managers works with their workers effectively.

It can be achieve by understanding the human behavior and can gain knowledge about a various system and practices available to help in building a skilled and motivated workforce. Other things is, Human Resources Management can make the managers easy to planning for example to increase the production line with low error, do recruitment to fulfill the vacancies and increasing the man power, train new worker so that they can become productivity, and improve the communication either with workmate or external customers.

Line managers has a responsibility to place the right worker on the right job, give a training to the new and senior worker so that they can improve their performance and effectiveness, gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationship with everyone, interpreting the firm`s policies and procedures, control the cost such as labor cost or production cost, develop and improve the abilities of each person, creating and maintaining department morale, protect the employee`s whether in health or physical condition. 3. LINE AUTHORITY| STAFF AUTHORITY| * Line authority is the power to give orders to subordinates. Line authority entitles a manger to direct the work of an employee. * Usually, the term ‘line’ is used to emphasize managers whose organizational function contributes directly to the achievement of organizational objectives. | * Staff authority is the power of giving advice, support and service to line department. * In contrast, staff authority do not entitle a manager to direct but to advice. * As organization get larger and more complex, staff authority is created to support, assist, advice, and generally reduce some of the informational burdens that line managers have. Authority is the right to make decisions, to direct the work of others, and to give orders. Line managers are authorized to direct the work of subordinates while staff managers are authorized to assist and advise line managers in accomplishing their basic goals. Therefore, Human Resource Managers are generally having staff authority. 4. I. Business mastery:- need to know the business of their organization thoroughly. Need to understand its economic and financial capabilities so they can become a key member or important person of the team business managers in order to develop the firm`s strategic direction Human Resources astery:- should develop expert knowledge in the areas of staffing, developing, appraisals, reward, team building and communication. II. Change mastery:- able to merge change process so the firm`s activities are effectively merged with the business needs of the organization. This involved interpersonal, problem solving, innovativeness and creativities. III. Personal credibility:- must establish personal credibility in the eye of their internal and external customer.

Can be earn by develop personal relationship with customer`s, demonstrating the value of the firm, standing up for one`s own beliefs and being fair-minded when dealing with others. 5. Ethical issues in human resource management vary as a function of the branch which concerns on human issues specially those of compensation, development, industrial relations and health and safety issues. The sources of ethics are mainly based on religion, culture and law. Thus, this will create conflicts and issues. The HR ethical issues include: I. employee responsibility, II. cash and incentive plans,

III. performance appraisal, IV. race, gender, age and disability, V. job discriminination, VI. privacy issues, VII. safety and health care, VIII. restructuring layoffs Example of HR-related ethical issues that has been in the news recently is the issue of head scarves – Islamic women covering their faces or their hair. As a matter of course, this is a practice that is dictated by the religion they choose to follow, but in circumstances where terrorism has the world in its grip, is it a violation of human rights to ban the wearing of head scarves and preventing those that want to work.

This is categorizing under employee privacy rights. Another example of HR-related ethical issues that has been in the news recently is there are certain of employee that is stealing or using the company properties for their own purpose. These fall under the employee theft category. HRM 533 ASSIGNMENT 1 GROUP MEMBERS: MUHAMMAD AQIF BIN ADAM| 2009657488| MUHAMMAD NIZAM BIN AZHAR| 2009211672| AHMAD SYAZWAN MAZALAN| 2009847098| NOR ATHIRAH MOHAMAD ROSLI| 2009678602| PUAN SITI SARAH BINTI SALLEH

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