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Through these types of exercises and personal experience you will build an experience base of skills that will help you better manage your own research laboratory. Statement of Work: Background. You are an Assistant Professor at Enormous State university (USE) and perform research on Yearly’s pesos (plague) and pulmonary cell Interactions. Recently you have found a very interesting proton pump In Y. Pest’s that when blocked by a drug inhibitor in vitro, kills the bacteria but not human cells in culture (you have a paper submitted on this work). You have been wondering if this drug could be an antidote for a plague infection?

The NIH has just released an RFC for “Saving our soldiers from dangerous pathogens” that is due in 13 weeks. This grant could fully fund your lab for five years. Your goal is to prepare yourself for a successful RFC proposal. Case study: You need to define the scope of the work you would like to achieve to reach your goal. Yet you are constrained by the available research funds and can only choose two of the following for your scope of work. Scope of work 1 ) Propose a clinical trial for the existing drug inhibitor to demonstrate its efficacy in stopping Y. Pest’s. Create additional candidate drugs with similar structure to your inhibitor that have high potential to kill Y. Pest’s. 3) Make an antibody to pump that will help in pump characterization. 4) Identify gene homology and physiologic pathways of current pump identified. 5) Define role of immune system and its potential to improve cell killing with respect to pump inhibition. Choices: Scope of Work You have sufficient personnel in your laboratory to attempt the scope of work. Allocate your personnel according to the following rules: Choose only two scope projects.

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You must do the ongoing lab work. Each person can only do one scope project/ongoing lab work. You need at least one person per scope project. You can have up to two people per project. You must have people covering the ongoing lab work (one for each column). Different personnel have different research strengths and can or cannot function in different projects. Their abilities are listed in the following table. You can consider a degree of redundancy in the work assignments that you may want in case of personnel loss or turnover. Name Person Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3

Scope 4 Scope 5 Ongoing Lab Work 1 Ongoing Lab Work 2 Rudy Physician-scientist Best Poor Adequate Chic-Ling Graduate student Suzanne Post-doc Hornet Pride Things Happen! In the course of all events it is certain that things will go wrong. While you are working on your projects the following things have happened in the laboratory. These will affect your work, and the ability to complete your goal. Rudy quits the laboratory to Join a private practice medicine group. If you want to continue Scope 1 you need to place another person on the project (if you do not already have another person covering the project).

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