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Manage your Health (MYH) provides a variety of health care services. MYH recently updated its strategic goals and the new intranet sit will internal costs and increase cross-selling of products. It will also exploit new based technologies to help employees, customers and suppliers work together to improve the development and delivery of its health care products and services. The budget for the project is R 2 million.

An additional R60 000 per year will be required for operational expenses after the project is completed. Estimated benefits are R250 000 each year. It’s important to focus on the system paying for itself within its first year. Product Characteristics and Requirements The intranet will help employees to do the following: ? To register for company sponsored classes and programs to help them manage their weight , reduce stress etc ? Tract data on employee involvement in these recreational and health management ?

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To register for company sponsored recreational programs, such as soccer, cricket, jogging etc. ? Offer incentives for people to join the programs and do well in them(e. g. incentives for achieving weight goals, winning sports team competitions, etc) Product related deliverables ? A survey will be created in which it give the employees to voice out their concerns and ideas about the intranet. ? It will also feature an online help † which will help employees to navigate through the website in user friendly way. ? It will also have FAQ questions

Project Success Criteria Our goal is to provide help improve the health of our employees and at the same time giving the employees a great and workable environment reducing stress , exercising and sport competitions etc and not forgetting have a net saving of at least R350 Per employee , per Year over the next four year. 1. Work breakdown structure (WBS) 1. Evaluate current system (i. e. intranet System). 2. Define user requirement(Survey) 3. Develop project plan 2. 1 SDLC 2. 2 PLC 2. 3 MOV 3. Project management 3. 1 Programmers 3. 2 Web designers . Budget 4. 1 Software 4. 1. 1 Visual basic 41. 2 Oracle or sql. 4. 2 Indirect 4. 2. 1 Monthly subscription for publishing 5. Install software 6. Design 6. 1 Website 6. 1. 1 Testing and coding 6. 2 Application 6. 2. 1 Testing and coding 6. 3 Database 7. Intranet 7. 1 Network design 7. 2 Network layout 8. Testing 8. 1 Testing of the whole system whether it does what we initially wanted it to do. 9. Security check 9. 1 Secure both the network and system from unauthorized personnel. 10. Training 10. 1Provide Training for the intranet 3. GANTT CHART

NB: See attached 4. Scope verification and change control. Scope verification †entails making a formal acceptance of the project scope, by customers, project stakeholders and sponsor. Scope control † entails controlling changes to the project scope. Our strategy for us to obtain/achieving the above is to do the following: ? Make sure that we involve all customers, sponsor and project stakeholders when it comes to creating scope management plan, keep them on the loop on basis of what will be done and not done, how it will controlled. And making sure they understand the outcome of each phase(i. e. what to expect , how long it will take deliverable, etc) ? At the same time making sure that we create a document in which our stakeholders and feel free to write down any ideas or concerns that may occur. ? And explain again any change associate with project scope and how it will affect time and costs, plus quality reason stakeholders sometimes tend to add rings and bells to the project thus it results to project creep where a project will accumulate and not goal has been achieved. Make sure that our stakeholders fully understand the simplest detail of the project, how it will help them and especially their employees. ? And highlight to them the person who will be in charge of each phase, basically a view of the roles and the responsibilities of each team member in project, to make it easy for them to ask a certain question directly to the person who is in charge of that phase. An example as shown below. RECREATION AND WELLNESS PROJECT ———————– Braam-Web-designer Yollanda-BA Jacob-Programmer

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