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Majority of tribe’s treatment of their captives was hospitable in order to assist with the assimilation into the tribe. These captives would most likely replace a lost or killed family member within the tribe. Women and children were treated the best as they were less likely to resist capture and would easily adapt to tribal culture. Mary Jimson was a great example of a captive woman marrying a Seneca man and raised a family with the Seneca tribe. I believe Mary Jimson would not accept any offer to return to the European society after creating a new life among the Seneca people.

The treatment of a captive depended on how well they would assimilate into the tribe culture. I do relate with some of the items said in the slide show. It has been 8 years since I have done any advanced math so this is going to be a challenge. In my everyday life I Just use some basic math but nothing hard. I am hoping I will be able to comprehend the material quickly and do great in this class. After reviewing the material I believe that the math zone is going to contribute the most for me to succeed. I looks very hands on and interesting. I have begun reading the course e book and some this are starting to come back to me.

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It is Just a lot to try and remember. After looking for and finding the lesson packets and looking at the practice tests it looks like this class is very structured and easy to navigate and learn. Thank you and I hope to learn a lot and meet some new people. Hello, my name is David Sandals. I am happily divorced single parent to a beautiful 2 year old girl and proud owner of an amazing American Staffordshire named Carmen. I have served 10 years in the Air Force as a Security Forces member. Accomplishing classes through AMA accommodates my busy schedule better especially while deployed.

I currently live in the wonderful state of North Carolina that I so desperately have attempted to flee on several accounts. Problem is the Air Force has stood strong and denied my requests for orders to PC’S from Seymour Johnson FAA. I am currently deployed to the great country of Kuwait that provides plenty of sand, trash and extreme heat. My career has led me to travel the world (mostly the Middle East) and experience multiple cultures (mainly Muslim) that I would never be able to accomplish on the civilian side. Due to severe procrastination, this is my second attempt at successfully implementing this class and receiving a passing grade.

I can relate to the guy screaming at his laptop out of frustration because that is how I felt by rushing through my assignments at the last minute. My outlook for this class has changed completely now I have ample time during my deployment to manage my time properly to complete all the assignments by their due date. So simple, I should have not failed it. Actually, I am eager to utilize all the material provided, including Matheson, and do well in this class. Good luck my fellow scholars and hope you enjoy this class on Algebra.

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